colour chart for
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The 250 colours of our chart have been manufactured from 24 earth- and mineral pigments. The colours consist of one or two pigments and are shown in three different shades (A, B, C). Additionally there are 10 shades of white colour in D. The product tables have been developed to enable the choosing of a colour with our different products. They each show the amount of pigments needed per 1 kg or 1 litre of wallpaint or plaster.
Important notice

Shaded Kreidezeit wall paints and plasters will lighten in tone while drying. Lime products shaded with ultramarine pigments have to be used within 24 hours. The colour effect will vary between our different products and materials. Clay based paints and plasters will appear lightly more muted, while lime based paints will appear more brilliant. We recommend that you paint a sample of the mixed product on a separate piece of material. This online color chart shall give a general view of our range of different colour shades. Due to the monitor adjustment considerable variations in colour will occur. The same is valid for printing this sheet. To get a better idea of our colors, we recommend purchasing a color chard with original paint or ask us for a printed free version.


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