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Unconventional and Consistent

Since 1987, we have been producing ecologically consistent paints from natural and renewable raw materials. The Kreidezeit products are based on traditional recipes that we adapt to today’s requirements. Our catalogue contains around 200 products – with the exception of color pigments, all originate from our own development and production. Our product information always provides a complete list of all ingredients.

Our guiding principle in product development is that all products must at the same time make sense in terms of building physics, be aesthetically pleasing, ecologically sound and easy to use.

Lime Plasters

Kreidezeit Naturfarben Sumpfkalkfarbe
Lime Paint

IMG 5081 1920 Bannder
Fulltone Binder

Kreidezeit Naturfarben Farbfaecher
Colour Fan Wall Paints & Plasters


Kreidezeit Naturfarben Philosophie
Our Philosophy

Kreidezeit Naturfarben Leinoelfirnis
Linseed Oil Varnish

Kreidezeit Naturfarben Seminare

Instruction Stucco fine

Painting children’s rooms

Conventional wall paints, children’s toys, furniture, laminate and wooden floors are often full of harmful ingredients. Children can react with headaches, allergic reactions and also with a weakening of the immune system to room poisons.

Full Declaration

As a manufacturer of natural paints, we inform our customers about the material composition of our coating materials and plasters in the form of a voluntary self-commitment. This creates transparency and trust in our products for our customers.

Cleaning and Care

Stressed wooden surfaces will show signs of wear over time. The extent of these traces depends on the general handling, the type of cleaning and care.

New Product

Mould First Aid Kit

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