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145 pages
Texts in German and English
ISBN 978-3-00-021809-5
Kreidezeit self-published by Jule Ziesemann
Kreidezeit Item No. 753
Authors: Gerd Ziesemann, Martin Krampfer

In this book you will find an excellent testimony of genuine craftsmanship that is also an example of ecological building. Tadelakt is a special North African lime mortar, which is carefully processed with a great deal of experience to produce beautiful dirt- and water-repellent surfaces.
The authors follow the art of tadelakt from the extraction of raw materials to its processing and countless application examples. Whether in hammams, the oriental steam baths or in modern bathrooms, right up to wellness centres, Tadelakt always shines with its peculiar, almost lively appearance. In addition, there are columns, arches, domes, walls of all kinds and real art objects. More than thirty Tadelakt processors have made pictures of their work available for this book, so that we have here one of the largest collections of modern possibilities of this centuries-old material.