Casein Paints

Casein paints are coatings for walls and ceilings which contain pure natural milk protein (Casein) as a binding agent. Even since the times of ancient Egypt paints made of milk and pigments were produced and used. Similar paints have been mentioned in old Hebrew documents. Mural paintings in the Sistine Chapel (Secco technique) have been made durable using similar traditional paint.


Casein Marble Paint

Easy-to-process wall and ceiling paint for interior use with excellent opacity and natural white. Ideal for clay and lime renders, as their natural room climate regulating properties are not restricted. Especially suitable for allergy sufferers.

Vega Wallpaint

Easy-to-process wall and ceiling paint for interior use. with vegetable casein (vegetable protein) as a binding agent. Italian marble flour gives an unobtrusive, harmonic bright hue of white, without titanium white. Vegan.

Full-tone Binder

With KREIDEZEIT Full-tone Binder and KREIDEZEIT pigments you can easily mix full-tone wall paints according to your own wishes.

Brush- and Roll-on Plaster

Easy-to-apply, texturable paint with a fine rendering character for interior use. Ideal base for wall Lazures. Compensates for slight structural differences in the subsoil.

Casein Paint DIY

Casein paint for self-mixing is a wall and ceiling paint for interior use. It is produced by adding curd cheese itself.