Special Products


Rust Protection Paint

Classic Rust Protection Paint with linseed oil and iron mica. Opaque, weatherproof anti-rust paint for derusted, untreated steel surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Also suitable for use as a decorative paint on wood surfaces.

Lithium Waterglass

Silicifying binding agent for plasters in the interior and in the exterior. Application on clayplasters only in the interior.

Safflower Oil

Adhesion improving additive to KREIDEZEIT Vega Wallpaint and Casein Marble Paint for the overcoating of dispersion paints. For low-yellowing interior wood finishes. As additive for KREIDEZEIT Chalk Tempera at Shabby Chic works.

Shellac Varnish

Quick-drying protective coating for low-stress wood surfaces indoors. Practically odourless after drying and therefore ideal for painting the inside of wooden furniture: cup-boards, drawers and the like.

Resin Oil

Special primer for highly absorbent wood, in particular end grains, beam heads and cutting edges, in indoor and outdoor areas. To be applied before Kreidezeit Wood Lazure or Stand Oil Paint. Also suitable as raw material for mixing oil varnishes and oil paints according to own recipes.

Paint Stripper Paste

Paint remover for oily paints and varnishes, as well as most alkyd resin varnishes. Not suitable for acrylic and other synthetic resin paints. Pleasant soap smell, emission-free.

Linseed Oil Putty

Classic window putty according to DIN 18545 - A and RAL 849 B / 2 for glazing wooden windows. Composition ready for processing. Easy to apply, free of synthetic resins, solvents, preservatives and fungicides.


Pinol is a natural essential oil with a pleasant cha-racteristic odour which usually disappears after 1 to a few weeks on painted walls.


Additive for oil paints and oil glazes to accelerate the drying of their natural drying oils. For the re-siccativation of old oil paints which have lost their drying power over long storage periods.

Marble Pit Lime

Marble Pit Lime is a high-quality raw material for the production of historical lime paints and slaked lime plasters according to your own recipes. For indoor and outdoor use. Marble Pit Lime is wood-burnt and stored for at least 2 years in a pit.
kreidezeit-naturfarben-modeling clay

Modeling clay for children

Marvellously smooth salt dough to make yourself with flour, salt, cooking oil (from your household) and the natural ingredients contained in this set.