Wood Treatment

Wood is a unique material and has always been used by humans for construction. The benefits, including the look and the organic surface, which is comforting to the tactile sense, are its constructive characteristics: Elasticity and stability. To keep these qualities and even enhance them natural oil-based paint is the best choice.


Stand Oil Paint

Highly opaque and weather-resistant protective colour coatings for wood surfaces indoors and especially outdoors, such as windows, doors, wooden facades, timber frames, playground equipment, fences, carports and beehives. Also suitable for steel and zinc.

Wood Lazure in Wood Shades

Ready-to-use wood glazes in 9 classic wood shades for interior and exterior use.

Wood Lazure interior/exterior -colourless-

Diffusible, biocide-free protective coating for indoor and outdoor wood surfaces, such as windows, doors, wooden facades, timber frames, playground equipment, fences, garden furniture, car ports, beehives and much more.

Tempera Paint

For matt coatings on untreated wood surfaces indoors. Tempera Paint is used for Shabby Chic effects on furniture and for paints in low-stress areas: Ceilings, wall panels, beams.

Floor Hard Oil

Our "all-purpose oil". KREIDEZEIT Floor Hard Oil is a universal wood oil for indoor use. Hard-wearing protection for floors, countertops, tables, furniture, beams, window interiors, cladding and much more.

Wood Hard Oil

Our "super robust" oil. Particularly hard-wearing floor and countertop oil. Also ideal for furniture, tables, window interiors, garden furniture and much more.

Hard Oil -solvent-free-

Our "solvent-free oil". A hard-wearing protection for floors, countertops, tables, furniture, cladding and much more.

Hard Wax Oil

Our "gentler oil".  Solvent-free and hard-wearing protection for floors, countertops, tables, furniture and much more. Hard Wax Oil creates a surface with an oiled and waxed look at the same time, with just a single product.

Worktop Oil

KREIDEZEIT Worktop Oil is a deep-penetrating, hard-wearing surface and solvent-free protector for countertops, tables and furniture of practically any type of wood – perfect for the kitchen and dining area. LFGB §31 tested. Also suitable for the treatment of wooden cutting boards, etc.

Shellac Wax Polish

KREIDEZEIT Shellac Wax Polish is a fast-drying surface treatment for turned wooden pieces.
kreidezeit-naturfarben-Silvering Lazure

Silvering Lazure

Our silvery finish is a biocide-free, silver-grey varnish, especially for rough, brushed wood surfaces in outdoor areas.

Garden Furniture Oil

KREIDEZEIT Garden Furniture Oil provides a dirt and water-repellent, diffusible and biocide-free initial treatment for new outdoor furniture. Perfect for maintaining and refreshing wood that has already been oiled too.