Wood Oil & Wax, Interior


Floor Hard Oil

Our "all-purpose oil". KREIDEZEIT Floor Hard Oil is a universal wood oil for indoor use. Hard-wearing protection for floors, countertops, tables, furniture, beams, window interiors, cladding and much more.

Wood Hard Oil

Our "super robust" oil. Particularly hard-wearing floor and countertop oil. Also ideal for furniture, tables, window interiors, garden furniture and much more.

Shellac Wax Polish

KREIDEZEIT Shellac Wax Polish is a fast-drying surface treatment for turned wooden pieces.

Floor Hard Wax

KREIDEZEIT Floor Hard Wax provides an additional silky-shiny protection for oiled surfaces, especially for floors.

Base Oil

Primer for subsequent coats with KREIDEZEIT Stand Oil Paints and Wood Lazures interiors and exteriors. Sole treatment for less stressed interior wood surfaces: furniture, beams, claddings, etc.
kreidezeit-naturfarben-wood-treatment-coniferous-wood-leach-spruce wood

Coniferous Wood Leach

Coniferous Wood Leach is a cost-effective, traditional and biocide-free surface treatment for softwood, especially outdoors.  Exteriors it accelerates the natural "silvering" process. Interior use for "leached and soaped surfaces".