Wood Oil & Wax, Interior


Base Oil

Primer for subsequent coats with KREIDEZEIT Stand Oil Paints and Wood Lazures interiors and exteriors. Sole treatment for less stressed interior wood surfaces: furniture, beams, claddings, etc.

Worktop Oil

KREIDEZEIT Worktop Oil is a deep-penetrating, hard-wearing surface protector for countertops, tables and furniture of practically any type of wood – perfect for the kitchen and dining area.

Floor Hard Oil

Our "all-purpose oil". KREIDEZEIT Floor Hard Oil is a universal wood oil for indoor use. Hard-wearing protection for floors, countertops, tables, furniture, beams, window interiors, cladding and much more.

Floor Hard Wax

KREIDEZEIT Floor Hard Wax provides an additional silky-shiny protection for oiled surfaces, especially for floors.

Wood Hard Oil

Our "super robust" oil. Particularly hard-wearing floor and countertop oil. Also ideal for furniture, tables, window interiors, garden furniture and much more.
kreidezeit-naturfarben-wood-treatment-coniferous-wood-leach-spruce wood

Coniferous Wood Leach

Coniferous Wood Leach is a cost-effective, traditional and biocide-free surface treatment for softwood, especially outdoors.  Exteriors it accelerates the natural "silvering" process. Interior use for "leached and soaped surfaces".