Decorative Aggregates


Barley Straw Chaff

Fine straw chaff for mixing with KREIDEZEIT plasters and renders. Gives a natural texture and subtle shine reflections on the surface.

Glass Pebbles

Rounded pebbles of coloured glass, without sharp edges. Available in 6 transparent colours and black.

Muscovite Mica

Natural light mica for gloss effects on paints or in plaster. Muscovite is a flaky mineral with a glass- or pearlescent surface and silvery light reflections.


A very light and natural light beige mica, bloated under heat. It is worked into thin-layer plasters, the surfaces of which are scraped off after being put on for a short time. It bursts along its layers and leaves shiny golden inclusions in the plaster surface.

Walnut Shell Granules

Fine granules from natural walnut shells give finly dotted textures to our plasters.