Cleaning & Care


Carnauba Wax Emulsion -Concentrate-

Wipe care and basic protection for oiled and waxed surfaces. Sole treatment for non-stressed wooden surfaces: inside of wooden cabinets, panelling, beams. For interior use only.

Olive Care Soap

Olive care soap is a liquid household soap for the cleaning of oiled or waxed surfaces, as a cleaner for oil-contaminated paint brushes and rollers as well as for soaping wooden floors.

Corfu Soap

Pure olive oil soap. As a cleaner for oiled or waxed surfaces, as a cleaner for oil-soiled brushes and rollers and for hand cleaning.

Marseille Soap

A purely vegetable soap. Cleaner for oiled surfaces and floors, as a cleaner for oil-soiled brushes and rollers, for hand cleaning.

Care Oil

Care Oil for maintaining KREIDEZEIT Stand Oil Paints or tinted Wood Lazures exteriors. Restores the protective qualities and original colour of weathered surfaces that have become dull and pale.

Window Care Set

The Kreidezeit Window Care Set is for the maintenance of wooden frame windows treated with Kreidezeit Stand Oil Paints or coloured Wood Lazures. Contains a care soap for gentle cleaning of dirty paints and a care oil for renewing protection and colour intensity.

Polishing Soap -concentrate-

Protective finishing treatment, especially for KREIDEZEIT Stuccolustro, Stucco Fine, Tadelakt and Marmorino. Care for Tadelakt in wet areas. Made of pure olive soap.


Proven household remedy. For removing old oil and wax coatings. For leaching varnished/oiled surfaces, removing mould and algae, softening water, cleaning drains and much more.

Citric Acid

Citric acid is a versatile, inexpensive and non-toxic household remedy that can be used especially as a limescale remover. Cleansing effect, rust-removing, disinfectant, economical.