Silicate Paints


GekkkoSOL Paint

GekkkoSOL Paint is a very well covering, one-component, white silicate-based wall paint made exclusively from pure mineral fillers, pigments and binders. Particularly recommended for the renovation of firmly seated old plastic-based paints, especially dispersion paints.

GekkkoSOL FINE-grain

GekkkoSOL FINE-Grain is both a primer coat on non-mineral substrates under other KREIDEZEIT paints as well as a renovation or final coat with a fine brush-on character (grain size 0.5 mm) and a ground for wall lazures.

GekkkoSOL Lazure

For decorative coloured wall glazes on GekkkoSOL brush-on plasters and new untreated woods indoors.

Silicate Paint

Two-component paint (potassium waterglass + silicate white), for durable and water- and weatherproof coatings interiors and exteriors/facades.