Colour Chart Wall Paints & Plasters

Colour Chart with 250 colours, easy to mix with one or two earth and mineral pigments.

Universally applicable to all white KREIDEZEIT wall paints and plasters. High-quality lacquer print with high colour accuracy.

Available from our Distributors or from us (Art. 831). Please ask for prices.

Brochure Wallpaints & Plasters, for further information

Directly to the 250 colours


  1. Select a colour
  2. Multiply the required amount of product by the selected mixing ratio as taken from the product table (see below). Or select the shade in our Pigment Calculator Wallpaint & Plaster and get the mixing ratios automatically calculated based on the desired square meter numbers or material quantities.
  3. For all products except our Gekkko systems, mix the pigments well with some water before adding it to the wet product. Instructions „blending of pigments“. For further processing, please refer to the product information of the individual wall paints or plasters.

Product Tables

Important notice
The online colour guides are for informational purposes only. We would like to point out that the color tones cannot always be displayed correctly by different monitors and their settings. The same applies to self-created prints of these colour charts. In order to get a better or true-to-original impression of our colours, we recommend the purchase of our colour chart, our colour guide with original coats or our printed, free flyers.


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