Mixing of pigments
Saponified Lime
Shabby Chic Technique
Wall paints in airless spraying process
Removal of wallpaper glue residues
Pigment determination with a micro burner
Applying stencils
Mould Treatment
Kreidezeit wallpaints in comparison
Cleaning and repairing wall paints


Mixing of pigments
Effective stucco technique with Stucco Fine and pearl gloss pigments
Applying Stucco fine
Tadelakt sequence of coatings -in wet areas-
Tadelakt care instruction
Protecting Tadelakt, Marmorino, Lime wall Finish and Stuccolustro with oil
Saponified Lime


Pigmenting of oils and waxes
Application of oil
Shabby Chic Technique
Cleaning and Care of oiled/waxed Floors
Treatment of wooden Windows
Kreidezeit Oils in comparison
Testing old wood coatings for recoatability