Render - and Spatulatechniques

Our decorative Polished plasters are purely lime bound. They neither contain synthetic resins nor transparency reducing synthetic pigments like titanium white.



Tadelakt is a shiny mineral plaster for water resistant surfaces in traditional Moroccan style. Its surface is burnished with a smooth polished stone. The result is an expressive, shiny surface of warm, velvety feel.

Stucco Fine

Stucco Fine is a very easy-to-use lime plaster for exclusive, very fine stucco works on smooth surfaces in the interior. Already two wafer-thin layers produce a lazuring, deep transparency.

Stuccolustro – Polished Plaster

Stuccolustro is purely lime based polished plaster for high-quality, natural spatula techniques in the interior. Fascinating surfaces with the lustre and transparency of polished marble can be created with KREIDEZEIT Stuccolustro.


Marmorino is an easy-to-use lime render for exclusive lime works on smooth surfaces in the interior. For fascinating surfaces with the silk-shine, lustre and deep transparency of polished stone.

Polishing Soap -concentrate-

Protective finishing treatment, especially for KREIDEZEIT Stuccolustro, Stucco Fine, Tadelakt and Marmorino. Care for Tadelakt in wet areas. Made of pure olive soap.

Punic Wax

Glossy wax coating for KREIDEZEIT glossy plasters, glossy spatula techniques and casein paints, as well as marble imitations and encaustic.