Lime Paints

Pure lime-based products have a positive impact on the room climate. Lime is naturally waterproof, antistatic, highly diffusible, mould inhibiting and releases no VOC. These characteristics make lime a superbly fitting raw material especially for people with allergies.


Lime Paint – smooth –

KREIDEZEIT Lime Paints are suitable for interior and exterior application. Finely dispersed marble lime gives gives these lime paints a very high whiteness as well as an enormous bonding and adhesive power.

Lime Paint – textured –

Lime paint with fine plaster appearance due to the content of fine marble sand (grain 0.5 mm). Compensates slight structural differences in the substrate. Pores and fine cracks can be filled. Keeps the surface structure of finely roughened plasters.

Lime Paint – high texture –

Lime Paint - high texture - is a lime paint according to DIN 55945 for interior use. For surfaces with an expressive plaster structure, contains white marble sand with a grain size of 0.7 mm.

Marble Pit Lime

Marble Pit Lime is a high-quality raw material for the production of historical lime paints and slaked lime plasters according to your own recipes. For indoor and outdoor use. Marble Pit Lime is wood-burnt and stored for at least 2 years in a pit.