Our Philosophy

kreidezeit-naturfarben-referenzen-philosophie 02According to our credo “self-willedly consistent”, we do not produce what we cannot produce in an environmentally friendly way. Fortunately, many things can also be achieved without harmful chemicals if we use proven recipes and if we experiment with new ideas. Our products are free of preservatives, synthetic solvents, plastic binders and plasticizers. In our wall paints and plasters we also dispense with titanium white.


kreidezeit-naturfarben-Philosophie 07 Our products are all fully declared. All ingredients are fully listed on our packagings. This means that we go beyond the legal requirements and provide our customers with the greatest possible transparency. We are part of the full declaration initiative In.Ve.Na. No wonder that our customers include many allergy sufferers and MCS patients. We are very proud of our recipes and natural ingredients, so we have no reason to hide them.


kreidezeit-naturfarben-Philosophie 01Our wall paints and plasters are basically open to diffusion. This helps to regulate the humidity in rooms and buildings. “Modern” building materials and paints based on plastic can almost seal surfaces so that air humidity accumulates and mould can develop. As we develop our paints on the basis of traditional recipes, the building substance is able to absorb and release moisture. In this way, our products support a healthy interior climate.


kreidezeit-naturfarben-Philosophie-9We produce most of our wall paints and plasters without water. Thus we do not only save transport costs (for us and therefore, ultimately, for our customers), but we also significantly reduce our ecological footprint, save on plastic packaging and do not need any preservatives. We do not “refine water”. Our customers can easily add water at home, our paints can easily be mixed by themselves. In addition, we manufacture our products solely in Sehlem, we develop on site and manufacture on site. This means: No long supply chains, lower CO2 emissions.


kreidezeit-naturfarben-Philosophie 04Swallow excrement on the packaging is no reason for complaint, on the contrary – with us it is cause for joy! Our warehouses and production facilities offer swallows a welcome nesting place. On our wildflower meadow there are also insects, especially bees. Some of our non-vegan recipes contain beeswax and beehives as well as special insect hotels are our way of life. This is our way of saying thank you to nature.


kreidezeit-naturfarben-philosophie 09Every year we receive visits from the 5th grade of the cooperative school in Gronau. Then the students learn how to paint, glaze and renovate and how paint is produced at all (Video). In addition, we support their art lessons by printing a comic booklet. Many school classes from all over Germany have visited us over the years for workshops on the topic of “Renovating for themselves” and visited our workshops. Our young guests not only have fun, but also experience what sustainability can look like.


kreidezeit-naturfarben-philosophie 05Since 01.12.2010, Hellmann transports have been CO2-neutral for KREIDEZEIT. This completes the environmental compatibility of our products in the supply chain and makes an important contribution to climate protection (Certificate, article ). We heat our buildings with a woodchip heater and we purchase eco-electricity.