Colour Chart Stand Oil Paint

  • opaque wood coating for interior and exterior use
  • available in 16 colours
  • ready to use in sizes of 0.375, 0.75 and 2.5 litres each
  • on request we can mix your desired colour tone according to e. g. RAL, NSC, Sikkens 5051, Caparol 3D plus or colour samples
  • all colours can be mixed with each other (german) Mixing tones




Printed colour card, lacquer print, (german) 5,00€ incl. VAT (Art. 845)

also available as free printed flyer (german) (Art. 857) Flyer Holzlasuren und Standölfarben

The online colour guides are for informational purposes only.
We would like to point out that the color tones cannot always be displayed correctly by different monitors and their settings. The same applies to self-created prints of these colour charts. In order to get a better or true-to-original impression of our colours, we recommend the purchase of our colour chart, our colour guide with original coats or our printed, free flyers.