Colour Fan Stand Oil Paint

KREIDEZEIT Stand Oil Paints are coloured, highly opaque and weatherproof protective coatings for wooden surfaces indoors and especially outdoors, e.g. windows, doors, wooden facades, framework, playground equipment, fences, carports, bee boxes.

KREIDEZEIT Stand Oil Paint is resin-free, biocide-free and diffusible. It does not flake, crack or split, but weathers off gradually on the surface and can be renovated by simply painting over. Manufactured with absolutely lightfast and weather-resistant mineral pigments. Over 30 years of successful application and constant further development have made this well-proven system a key component of our product range for the preservation of historical monuments, the renovation of old buildings and for new buildings.

This colour fan shows

  • a selection of possible colour shades of our Stand Oil Paint system and can be ordered from us as special mixtures under the corresponding colour numbers.
  • Available in half rich (silky) or rich (glossy).
  •  You can also easily mix most of the shades yourself from our 16 standard colours using the mixing ratios printed on the backs of the colour cards. All you need is a mixing bowl and kitchen scale with gram graduations.

EOn request, we can also produce many other colour shades for you according to common colour systems such as NCS, RAL or a submitted template.

KREIDEZEIT Stand Oil Paint is a paint system that is applied in 3 layers:

  • 1 paint coat with KREIDEZEIT Base Oil
  • 2 paint coats with KREIDEZEIT Stand Oil Paint

Options: – For a silky surface, apply 2 coats of Stand Oil Paint half rich on the Base Oil. – For a glossy surface, apply 1 coat of Stand Oil Paint half rich on the Base Oil and then 1 coat of Stand Oil Paint rich.

Important notice
The online colour guides are for informational purposes only. We would like to point out that the color tones cannot always be displayed correctly by different monitors and their settings. The same applies to self-created prints of these colour charts. In order to get a better or true-to-original impression of our colours, we recommend the purchase of our colour chart, our colour guide with original coats or our printed, free flyers.