Application of oils

Oils should not form a layer on the wood, but penetrate into the wood.

The processing and drying temperatures should be at least 10°C for at least 48 hours. At room temperature 18-25°C the oils dry within 24 hours.

Before oiling, do not sand finer than grain P120. If the sanding is too fine, the surface will not absorb enough oil and may not be sufficiently protected.

Depending on the product, apply the oil generously and evenly with a brush, sponge, cloth or roller and let it soak into the wood for 10-30 minutes. Then wipe the surface with a dry cotton cloth and completely remove any oil that has not been absorbed. Excesses that are not removed do not dry out, remain sticky and leave behind differences in gloss. Please do not paint over these areas, but remove them with a scraper and treat them again if necessary.

Attention – Spontaneous combustion! Oil-impregnated cloths must be kept fireproof in a metal bucket or in water.

Application with natural hair brush
Application with short pile paint roller
Application with cotton cloths
kreidezeit-naturfarben-oele-auftragenThoroughly wipe off excess oil with a dry cloth after the penetration time.
Keep used cloths fireproof!