Clay Plaster Primer


Kreidezeit Clay Plaster Primer is a primer for Kreidezeit Clay Plaster.

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Clay Plaster Primer is the recommended primer for KREIDEZEIT Clay Finish Plaster. It creates a slightly rough surface so that the clay plaster adheres well to the substrate. For interior use only.
Except on even clay plaster and lime or lime-cement plaster, a priming coat with Kreidezeit Clay Plaster Primer is always recommended.
The product is only suitable for interior use.



  • Powder to mix with water
  • compensates different absorbencies of the substrate
  • natural white, granular rough
  • easy to process
  • highly diffusible
  • free from preservatives
  • residues are compostable


Full declaration

Kaolin, quartz sand, chalk, talc (asbestos-free), casein, cellulose, soda, vegetable starch, methyl cellulose, gum arabic

When using the product, the complete Product Information Clay Plaster Primer must be observed.

Mixing the clay plaster primer
Stir in the specified amount of powder into clean, cold water, until the mixture is smooth. Use a pow-erful drill with agitator. Leave to expand for at least 30 minutes and stir well again before pro-cessing.

Water requirements

Mix 1 kg of powder with 1.2 l of water.

Brushing or rolling. Do not apply too thin.
Application temperature at least 8°C.
Stir occasionally during application.
The Primer must be applied on the same day as mixing. Do not use paint that smells bad or rotten under any circumstances: Danger of prolonged odour problems even after drying!

Drying time in normal climate
Safe to coat after approx. 8 hrs. at 20°C.

Suitable Tools
Good quality, medium-pile paint roller (polyamide) and paint brush.
Recommended from the KREIDEZEIT range:
Facade brush, Lime brush, Professional roller

Product Information Clay Plaster Primer

Material Safety Data Sheet Clay Plaster Primer

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