Coniferous Wood Leach


Coniferous Wood Leach is a cost-effective, traditional and biocide-free surface treatment for softwood, especially outdoors.  Exteriors it accelerates the natural “silvering” process. Interior use for “leached and soaped surfaces”.

The easiest and most cost-effective way to sustainably preserve softwood outdoors is ‘silvering’, a natural leaching process caused by the sun and rain, whereby the wood remains uncoated. The soft hygroscopic wood components (wood sugar, proteins, starch and lignin) are washed out, leaving the tough weather-resistant components in the wood. This removes sources of food for fungi, algae and insects.
The speed of the silvering process directly depends on weather conditions. Surfaces that are exposed to sun and rain often silver after 1-2 years. Surfaces protected from the elements will need many years longer. Wood that is subject to virtually no sunlight and rain sometimes retains its original colour for decades. This gives a characteristic vivid patina, which gives each side of the home a different look over time.

KREIDEZEIT Coniferous Wood Leach is a cost-effective, traditional and biocide-free surface treatment for softwood, especially outdoors. It accelerates the natural silvering process, helping the rain to wash out the soft wood components. But do remember that the surface needs to be exposed to sun and rain.
Coniferous Wood Leach can also be used later on for maintenance as a biocide-free treatment for algae growth. The alkalinity kills algae in a non-toxic way and the rain washes away the remains.

The wood will become darker immediately after leaching. This effect will vary according to the type and origin of the wood, and should be tested on surfaces first.

This effect can be used indoors to achieve an artificial aging (leached wood) look. The patinated surface can then be protected with soap.

Suitable only for clean, untreated softwood such as larch, spruce and pine.



  • Ready-to-use, transparent liquid
  • pH value: 14
  • No preservatives or organic solvents
  • Odourless
  • Accelerates the natural silvering process
  • Brings out the natural structure of the wood
  • Biocide-free
  • Vegan


Full Declaration

Water, sodium hydroxide, vegetable soap and lime soap

When using the product, the complete Product information must be observed.

Shake the product briefly prior to use and apply evenly and undiluted with a paint brush in the direction of the wood or work into the wood surface with a scrubbing brush. Apply Coniferous Wood Leach to new, untreated wood at least twice, allowing for drying between coats. A second sanding is not required. KREIDEZEIT Coniferous Wood Leach is applied undiluted. Processing and drying temperatures: at least 5°C.
Please note:
wood in outdoor areas should be fitted with non-rusting metal screws and fittings, otherwise dark stains may appear after applying the product.

Subsequent Treatment
Outdoors Outdoor surfaces do not require further treatment.
Indoors Treat surface using Marseille Soap or Corfu Soap . Surfaces treated with Coniferous Wood Leach must not be oiled or varnished without thorough pH neutralisation first (check the pH value).

Cleaning and Maintenance
Remove any dirt with a lye-resistant scrubbing brush and diluted Coniferous Wood Leach (dilute 1 part Coniferous Wood Leach with 3 parts water).

For maintenance purposes, it is recommended to repeat the treatment with Coniferous Wood Leach at least every 3-5 years (see ‘Application’), but no later than when algae or fungi are observed on the surface.

Drying Times
Dry and re-coatable after about 5 hours at 20°C. High humidity and cold temperatures extend the drying time. Dries exclusively through water evaporation.

Suitable Tools
Lye-resistant brush, varnish brush, Lime Brush (art. P6082)

Cleaning the Tools
Clean immediately with water after use.

Product information Coniferous Wood Leach

Material Safety Data Sheet Coniferous Wood Leach

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