Modeling clay for children

Packing size 180 g
Range -
Consumption per m² 3 kg
Exact application rate values must be determined on site.

Marvellously smooth salt dough to make yourself with flour, salt, cooking oil (from your household) and the natural ingredients contained in this set.

Modelling with dough is fun, which you can live out in a natural way here. Without problematic ingredients, this salt dough can do everything you need for modeling. Unlike most modelling clay, it is easy to knead in a cold environment and with its smooth consistency is also suitable for weaker hands. Small children often knead without a figurative goal, simple shapes such as sausages or balls, old people can train their wrists and finger joints, kneading is a sensually pleasant experience.

Dried clay figures can also be painted, the smaller they are the less they shrink. Slightly dried dough can be revived by briefly immersing it in water, you only have to wait a short time for the sticky phase and continue kneading, then the water is absorbed again. The dough does not stain.



  • powder for mixing with water
  • easy to knead
  • free of preservatives


Content of the Set

120 g citric acid
20 g red ochre
20 g yellow ochre
20 g nettle powder
1 Manual


Full declaration

citric acid, red ochre, yellow ochre, nettle powder

Mixing the modelling clay / recipe per shade
– 400g wheat flour (e.g. type 405 wheat flour)
– 130g table salt,
. 2 tablespoons / 40g citric acid
– 20g (1 bag) Pigment
Mix well in a bowl.

Bring 400 ml water to a boil, stir in 4-6 tbsp cooking oil and stir into the flour/salt/lemon acid mixture.
Then knead thoroughly with a mixer and dough hook.

Depending on the desired consistency, oil, water or flour can also be added.

Partial quantities can also be mixed.

The raw materials are stored in a cool, dry and frost-free place for an unlimited period of time. Mixed plasticine can be stored in the refrigerator for at least 6 months in airtight packaging (jars or freezer bags).

Cleaning of tools
immediately after use with water

citric acid is irritating for the eyes, kneading only under supervision of parents mix!
There is a risk of scalding from handling hot water when producing the children’s modelling clay. The modelling clay is not suitable for consumption. Not suitable for children under 3 years
Pay attention to possible natural substance allergies. The natural raw materials used can give off a typical product odour. Store the raw materials (citric acid) out of reach of children.

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