Olive Care Soap

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Exact application rate values must be determined on site.

Olive care soap is a liquid household soap for the cleaning of oiled or waxed surfaces, as a cleaner for oil-contaminated paint brushes and rollers as well as for soaping wooden floors.

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Olive care soap also maintains more sensitive surfaces such as marble floors and joints.
The base of this product is our Corfu Soap, a pure olive soap, made on the Greek island of Corfu.
The soap is handmade using a process that has stood the test of time for more than 150 years – containing only olive oil, lye, water and sea salt from the local region. No added dyes, preservatives or fragrances.



  • Liquid
  • Made only from olive oil
  • Vegan
  • Dilutable with water
  • Replenishing and nourishing effect
  • Low foaming
  • Free of dyes, fragrances and preservatives
  • Free of additional synthetic surfactants


Full declaration

Water, olive oil, sodium hydroxide, sea salt

When using the product, the complete Product information must be observed.

Cleaning floors
Cleaning smooth floors of all kinds, in particular oily or waxy floors made from cork, wood and ceramic tiles, as well as lino.
Add 50 ml of Olive Care Soap to 8 litre of warm water. For heavier stains, the dosage can also be increased, e.g. 150 ml to 8 litres of water.

Cleaning brushes and paint rollers
Thoroughly wash oily brushes and rollers with undiluted Olive Care Soap.
Dried, oily tools can usually be cleaned by briefly boiling in the soap solution.

Soaping floors and tables
In some parts of Germany, it is customary to protect softwood floors and tables against dirt by simply “soaping” them. This preserves the bright character of the wood as far as possible. Over the years, a beautiful patina then usually develops.
Dilute 1 part of Olive Care Soap with 3 parts of warm water. Apply the warm soap solution to the untreated wood floor or table, working with a suitable brush, scrub and then leave to dry. Repeat if necessary until the desired result is achieved or until the surface is coated with an extremely fine soap film. This process may need to be repeated from time to time, depending on wear and tear, in order to guarantee sufficient protection for the wood.
Warning Wood containing tannin, such as oak, may become severely discoloured. It is expressly recommended that you create test areas to assess the result before carrying out any large-scale work.

Product information Olive Care Soap

Material Safety Data Sheet Olive Care Soap

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