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Paper fleece 130 is an economical solution for the repair of old plaster substrates and for the coating of dry walls (e.g. plasterboard, gypsum fibre boards, OSB).

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Kobau RS-Papiervlies 130 is an economical solution for the repair of old plaster substrates and for the coating of dry walls (e.g. plasterboard, gypsum fibre boards, OSB).
Quality: 130 g/m², Length: 25 m Width: 75 cm

Application-related advantages

1.) Full-surface adhesion to gypsum plasterboard/dry construction

  • Saves the need for full-surface filling
  • has a contrast compensating effect (spatula <> cardboard)
  • prevents the penetration of incorrectly stored and yellowed plasterboards
  • bridges hairline cracks on dry walls and concrete elements
  • evenly absorbent surface, thus very simple to coat.

2.) Renovation of former wallpapered walls

  • Saves the washing off of paste residues
  • saves the need for full-surface filling of repaired walls
  • has a contrast compensating effect (plaster < > levelling compounds)
  • reliably bridges plaster surface cracks
  • economic compromise with very good vapour permeability

further characteristics

  • Colour: natural white
  • tested for harmful substances and certified according to Ökotex Norm 100
  • single butt bonding (no soaking time), also in wall bonding technique
  • very crack resistant almost no elongation in wet condition (wet lateral elongation approx. 0.25%)
  • can be coated without priming with all Kreidezeit wall paints (except silicate paint)
  • for wall paints gluable with powder paste for fleece (safety adhesive)
  • can be coated with thin-layer putties (lime smoothing, lime adhesive plasters, marble fibre plaster, fine plaster, marmorino)>>> water-resistant dispersion adhesive required.

Dry peelable after pre-treatment with wallpaper changing primer and use of a powder fleece glue.
Productinformation (german)

PUFAS Security Adhesive SK

For wallpapering machine, brush application and wall bonding technology. Safety on problematic new plaster surfaces, old plaster and plasterboard.

Application range
For all kinds of woodchip wallpapers, renovation and reinforcing fabrics, structured non-woven wallpapers, embossed and special wallpapers, vinyl and textile wallpapers as well as glassfibre.


  • for application with pasting machines, by brush or directly onto the wall
  • also suitable for difficult surfaces and new plaster areas
  • very high initial adhesion
  • easy to correct
  • secure bonding of seams and edges
  • excellent workability on pasting machines
  • optimal moisture resistance when recoating
  • extra transparent when dry
  • dust-reduced formula

Technical data
Raw material basis: methyl cellulose, additives, synthetic resin powder
Density: 0,43 g/cm³
pH value: approx. 8
Consumption: approx. 200 ml/m²

Preparing the substrate
The substrate must be dry, load-bearing and free from separating agents (formwork oil, grease, dust, etc.). Remove old wallpaper, poorly adhering paints and loose plaster. Repair cracks, holes and unevenness with pufamur Super Adhesive Filler SH 45 or PUFAS Filler Filler Filler inside. Solidify sandy and chalking substrates with PUFAS Tiefengrund LF. Pre-paste or prime highly absorbent substrates.

Stir PUFAS Safety Adhesive SK quickly and vigorously into cold, clean water (see table) and continue stirring for a short time. Stir again after 2 – 3 minutes. After 15 minutes stir again vigorously. Apply the paste evenly to the back of the wallpaper using a wallpapering machine or a brush in the required thickness. Then glue the wallpapers according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Dimensionally stable wall coverings that do not require soaking time can also be applied using the wall bonding technique. Apply the paste to the substrate with a spray gun or a short pile roller in the width of a roll. Place the wall covering in the wet paste and press down evenly with a roller (foam rubber roller) or a wallpapering wiper.

Range of an 800 g pack
Pre-pasting / priming: approx. 95 m² (water quantity = 16 litres)
Wallpapering device / brush application: approx. 65 m² (water quantity = 12 litres)
Roller / sprayer: approx. 45 m² (water quantity = 10 litres)

Wash off paste residues with clear water and rub with a clean, dry cloth. Clean tools with water immediately after use.
Do not use below +5 °C object and room temperature.
Contains preservatives: benzisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone. May
cause allergic reactions.

Disposal of product residues
Only empty containers should be recycled. Dried-in material residues can be disposed of via household waste or as construction waste. Waste code no. EWC 08 04 14.

Store in a cool and dry place. Keep container tightly closed.

For processing, the current and original safety data sheet must be observed,
available on the PUFAS website:
MSDS PUFAS Safety Adhesive SK (german version only))

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