Vega Primer

Packing size 250 g
Range 40 - 60 m²
Consumption per m² 4 g
Exact application rate values must be determined on site.

Multi-purpose, colourless transparent primer for subsequent coats and thin-layer plastering with Kreidezeit Casein paints, lime paints and plasters.

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Vega primer has no reducing effect on the vapour absorption of plasters (sD value < 0.01 m) and is therefore an ideal primer, especially for clay and lime plasters.

Suitable for use on all untreated substrates such as clay, lime, lime-cement, gypsum plasters, gypsum plasterboard and gypsum fibre boards, stone, concrete.
Recommended for priming absorbent old paints before renovation: e. g. KREIDEZEIT casein-, claypaints, lime paints and emulsion paints.
Not suitable for all smooth, non-absorbent surfaces and permanently moist substrates.
For transparent solidification of plasters, especially clay plasters indoors; here it is necessary to create test areas (see chapter “Tips”).
The use of casein primer within the different KREIDEZEIT paint and plastering systems is described in the corresponding product information.



  • Powder for mixing with water
  • Reduces the absorbency of highly absorbent substrates and compensates different absorbencies of the substrates
  • Solidifies slightly sandy substrates
  • very good penetrating power
  • colourless, transparent
  • easy to process
  • very economical
  • highly diffusible
  • free of preservatives
  • paint residues are compostable
  • vegan


Full Declaration
Vegetable casein, sodium carbonate

When using the product, the complete Product information must be observed.

Mixing the primer
For mixing the primer, it is best to use a 10 litre bucket and an agitator (drilling machine + whisk).
Add the Vega Primer (250 g) to 2 litres of clean cold water while stirring constantly. Make sure that all the lumps are mixed. After an expand-ing time of approx. 30 minutes, stir again thor-oughly and dilute with 6 litres of water.

Apply Vega Primer evenly and saturated. Only apply as much liquid as is absorbed by the substrate.
Remove excess material (wet glossy spots) with a cloth before drying.
Application temperature min. 8°C.
The Primer must be applied on the same day as mixing. Do not use Primer that smells bad or rotten under any circumstances: Danger of prolonged odour problems even after drying!

Drying times at normal climate
Dried after approx. 8 hours at 20°C and safe to coat with paints or plasters based on lime or casein.

Suitable Tools
Facade and ceiling brushes.

Cleaning the Tools
Immediately after use with water.

Product information Vega Primer

Material Safety Data Sheet Vega Primer

Transparent solidification of plasters
For the transparent solidification of clay plasters and other plasters without subsequent paint coatings, the described procedures are the same. It is, however, important to ensure that the Vega Primer is absorbed totally by the plaster, otherwise shiny areas could remain.
The application of the primer has to be carried out from the bottom upwards (!!!) to prevent varnish tears.
The tone of the plaster might become slightly darker.
It is essential to apply trial coats before applying the primer on large areas in order to evaluate the development of the tone and to recognize potential irritations (white spots, efflorescing) of the plaster in time.

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