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Wall filler is an easy-to-process, adhesion-enhanced mineral filler and smoothing filler based on lime for interior use. For thin-layer repairs and for smoothing rough wall surfaces.

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Thin layers can be sanded after 3 hours.

Application thickness 0 – 4 mm.

For interior use on all solid, slightly absorbent substrates such as lime and lime cement plasters, gypsum plaster and concrete.
Suitable for full-surface filling of plasterboard and gypsum fibre boards after jointing with materials recommended by the panel manufacturers.
Not suitable as joint filler for gypsum plasterboard.
Application on firmly seated synthetic resin dispersion paints after application of test surfaces with a positive result. Do not use on wood, wood materials and natural resin dispersion paints.



  • powder for mixing with water
  • diffusion-open
  • all ingredients are of natural origin
  • free of preservatives
  • vegan


Full Declaration

Marble powder, chalk, lime hydrate, cellulose, methyl cellulose

When using the product, the complete Product Information must be observed.

Mixing the Wall Filler
Stir the powder into the required amount of clean, cold water using a powerful stirrer. Allow to swell for at least 15 minutes and stir well again before use.

Amount of Water

0.45 – 0.50 litres of water per 1 kg of powder.

Application temperature at least 8°C. Processing time at least 8 hours.
Apply the wall Filler with trowel or smoother. Level out the surface with a sponge board if necessary.
Pre-fill plug holes with Wall Filler first and let dry a few hours. Then overcoat again with wallfiller and level out.

Wall filler can be coated with KREIDEZEIT Casein paints, distemper , clay paints and lime paints. Pre-paint the wall filler with the recommended primers.
Do not overcoat with plasters, silicate paints and wallpaper.

 Drying times
Overcoatable at the earliest after 24 hours per 1 mm of layer thickness.

Cleaning the tools
Immediately after use with water.

Product Information Wall Filler

Material Safety Data Sheet Wall Filler

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