Marble Pit Lime

Packing size 18,5 kg
Range ca. 285 m²
Consumption per m² ca. 0,2 l
Exact application rate values must be determined on site.

Marble Pit Lime is a high-quality raw material for the production of historical lime paints and slaked lime plasters according to your own recipes. For indoor and outdoor use. Marble Pit Lime is wood-burnt and stored for at least 2 years in a pit.

Lime coatings and plasters harden by reacting calcium hydroxide with carbon dioxide in the air to form water-insoluble calcium carbonate. They have a fungicidal effect and maintain the water vapour permeability of the masonry.

Detailed information and recipes for lime paints and lime plasters can be found in technical literature.

Suitable for use on untreated and absorbent lime, lime-cement, lime-cement, trass lime and clay plas-ters as well as old, stable lime paints indoors and outdoors. Application on cement plaster and concrete only indoors.



  • white paste for mixing with water
  • Pit lime coatings and plasters are:
  • diffusible
  • disinfectant
  • humidity-resistant
  • fungicidal
  • low-tension drying


Full Declaration

Water, wood-burnt marble lime

When using the product, the complete Product Information Marble Pit Lime must be observed.

Important Notes for Application
The processing of classic lime paints requires good technical knowledge and experience. All information on processing and mixing ratios is purely recommended and does not constitute any binding com-mitments. Deviations in accordance with the property specific conditions and historical experience may be necessary and must be determined by a processor with experience in lime processing. It is strongly recommended to test the suitability of the lime paint on the respective substrate prior to extensive application by means of trial coatings.

For full opacity, 1 priming coat and at least 3 subsequent coats are required on untreated smooth substrates.
The best durability of a lime coat is achieved when the first coat is applied on a fresh, still moist but pressure-resistant lime plaster.
When working on clay plaster, apply the first coat (dilution ratio 1:3) in such a way that the uppermost clay layer is mixed with the lime coat.
For all subsequent coats, the previous coat may already be dry. Ideally, subsequent coats should be applied on fresh, just dried but still clearly cool prior coats.The application of lime paints is carried out with the facade brush in a criss-cross pattern. Do not roll.

further application possibilities are:

    For instructions observe the Product Information Marble Pit Lime

  • Cellar Paint: The ideal and cost-effective coating for dry to slightly damp storage cellars!
  • Moist Walls: Provided that no fundamental remedy of the moisture problem is taken, it is important not to seal or block damp substrates. A pure lime paint without additives as an intermediate solution guarantees the optimal removal of moisture to the room air, water retention is avoided, mould is prevented by high alkalinity in the medium term.
  • For facade surfaces: hydrophobing is recommended.

Drying Times
Dry and coatable after 4 – 12 hours, depending on ambient conditions.

Suitable Tools
Good paint brushes.
Recommended from the KREIDEZEIT range: Facade brush, Lime brush

Product Information Marble Pit Lime

Material Safety Data Sheet Marble Pit Lime

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