Storch Stencils

Stencils for wall design

Unlimited possibilities for sophisticated interior design.
STORCH stencils in the KREIDEZEIT range.
STORCH stencils are cut exactly from high-quality and flexible plastic.
The surface is slightly matted and keeps well on the surface during work.
The length is 60 cm, suitable for professional use.
With decorative techniques such as wrapping, troweling or dabbing, etc. you can achieve with a stencil motif, monochrome multi-coloured, plastic, lined or structured effects.
In this way you can express your very own personal touch.
Plasters are also ideal for individually designed motifs.
STORCH stencils are not stock items at KREIDEZEIT.
In order to obtain favourable prices, we collect your orders and carry these out on the 15th of each month.

Catalogue with over 120 different motifs:
Stencils for decorative wall design (german version)