Our History

kreidezeit-naturfarben-about-us-our-history-1Gert Ziesemann, founder and managing director of Kreidezeit. Since 1987 we have been producing ecologically consistent, fully declared colours and materials for the surface design of walls and facades from natural and renewable raw materials. Our products are based on traditional recipes that have been tried and tested for centuries and make sense in terms of building physics. The results are products that preserve and positively influence the natural properties of a substrate such as room climate control.
Today our product range includes paints, plasters and wood coatings.


kreidezeit-naturfarben-about-us-our-history-2It all began with Gert Ziesemann not wanting to start a company at all. He just wanted to sell a colour recipe made of curd cheese, borax and chalk. A recipe that does not produce any thin acid. The dumping of thin acid in the North Sea was a major environmental issue in the 1980s. These recipes enjoyed such great demand that he considered putting the raw materials together and selling them with the recipe. The paint was so well accepted that Gert Ziesemann produced the paint in the family house in Sehlem, southern Lower Saxony, and sold it on weekly and eco-markets.


kreidezeit-naturfarben-about-us-our-history-3 In 1992, following a complaint in  “Die Sendung mit der Maus”- a German children’s television programme, Armin Maiwald and his television team visited Gert Ziesemann to explain that the paints can also be produced without petroleum and toxic chemicals. This was the big breakthrough for KREIDEZEIT and our small company was starting to grow.


kreidezeit-naturfarben-about-us-our-history-4 Thereupon we moved with our first employees to the old bull barn in Harbarnsen. The first oil products for wood were developed.


kreidezeit-naturfarben-about-us-our-history-5The products became more and more popular, so in 1995 we moved to a larger hall in Lamspringe. At this time 18 employees were working in our company. The product range included oils, powder paints and the first plasters, including the traditional Moroccan glossy plaster Tadelakt for surface design.


kreidezeit-naturfarben-about-us-our-history-62002 Kreidezeit bought the old sawmill in Sehlem – our current location. There are 38 employees and in the summer season several pairs of swallows to breed. Due to our close-to-nature company philosophy, the invoices state “Swallow droppings on the packaging are no reason for complaint”. Today, the products and materials are distributed all over the world through our numerous dealers. Today our products were used in palaces in Japan, the State Library in The Hague, the Netherlands and in the Goethe House in Weimar, Germany.


kreidezeit-naturfarben-about-us-our-history-7Gert Ziesemann slowly retires from the business. He has managed to build up a good team which consistently develops and continues the idea and company philosophy.



Lea Hangkofer is our managing director since October 2018. She continues to lead the company according to the principle “What we cannot produce in an environmentally friendly way, we do not produce”.