Our History


It all started in 1987 – out of defiance!
At that time it was chic to paint woodchip wallpaper white. The white pigment is still titanium white today, and thin acid is produced in the production process. This dilute acid was dumped in the North Sea, which resulted in a major seal death.
Gert Ziesemann wanted to counteract this, studied the old painting trade and found recipes for wall paint made of chalk, curd and borax. He offered these recipes together with the raw materials at eco-markets and found many interested people.

In 1992 Gert Ziesemann watched the “Sendung mit der Maus” together with his daughters. There the production of petroleum-based paints was explained. Gert Ziesemann wrote in a letter to the editor that paints can be produced without petrochemicals. Armin Maiwald and his team filmed three contributions together with Gert Ziesemann in which the power of casein glue and the production of non-toxic wall paints were shown. The echo of these contributions was the breakthrough for the Cretaceous period and our small company started to grow. In addition to wall paints, oil paints for wood and traditional plasters for surface design were now developed.


In 2002 the old sawmill in Sehlem became our company headquarters. 30 employees take care of production, packaging and dispatch of our products. In summer we are happy to welcome various pairs of swallows breeding in our halls. Swallow droppings on the packaging are no reason for complaint!

2019 Gert Ziesemann has withdrawn from the company.
His daughters Lea Hangkofer and Jule Ziesemann are now the managing directors and continue to run the company consistently according to the principle: “what we cannot produce in an eco-friendly way, we will not produce!
“We are convinced that our values of treating nature and the environment with care and manufacturing our products exclusively from renewable raw materials also strike a chord with the younger generation!