Pigment Guide Wall Glazes

The following colour chart shows examples of the application of KREIDEZEIT Wall Glaze Binder + Pigment on Lime Paint -textured-.

The colours shown were produced with 3% and 7% pigment respectively.
This means that 30 g or 70 g pigment were added to 1 litre of ready-made liquid Wall Glaze Binder.
These are only examples. The quantities can be exceeded or undercut as required.

The Wall Glaze can also be applied to other KREIDEZEIT Wall Paints and Plasters. The pigments can also be mixed with each other to achieve different colourings.

Maximum addition = 175 g pigment per 1 litre glaze.

This online colour guide is for rough orientation only. Please note that the color hues cannot be displayed correctly by different monitors and their different settings. The same applies to the printout of this colour chart. Due to the different properties of the substrates, the colours may vary. A test area should be created before application.