Maintaining and Cleaning oiled floors

To ensure that your oil-finished floor retains its natural beauty for many years, you should observe the following rules.

Basic handling, cleaning and care

  • Use newly oiled surfaces very gently for the first 4 weeks and do not wipe damp.
  • Sweeping / vacuuming only with soft broom or vacuum cleaner with extended floor brush.
  • Only wipe with a damp cloth! Do not flood the floor with water or leave large amounts of water on the floor after cleaning.
  • Never use hot water for wiping, but lukewarm water.
  • Use only soft floor wipers (cotton).
  • Do not use microfibre cloths/mops, these remove the oil.
  • Remove liquid impurities immediately and do not allow to dry out.
  • Wear clean slippers or socks. Do not walk with dirty street shoes. Lay out dirt-trapping mats in entrance areas
  • Protect areas subject to heavy wear (e.g. under office chairs) with floor coverings.
  • Care / Refresh with Carnauba Wax Emulsion in the mopping water.
  • Clean with Olive Care Soap or Corfu Soap only if necessary, sparingly dosed. Too frequent cleaning with soap leaches out the surface.
  • Other cleaners and care products can attack the surfaces and lead to increased renovation costs.

The first 4 weeks …

Do not walk on the floor for at least 24 hours, especially after initial treatment with oil. At room temperatures below 18 °C and on wood containing tanning agents, this time should be extended to at least 48 hours.

The first 4 weeks after first application of the oil on untreated wood and until the final hardness is reached are decisive for the durability of the treatment. Use the surface as gently as possible during this time. It is of course possible to walk carefully on, live in and set up furniture.

Avoid splashes of liquid and food, or wipe them off immediately. Avoid wet cleaning the surface during this time.

During this time, the surface is still sensitive to stains, even after short-term exposure to liquids and food.

Clean only by sweeping and vacuuming.

… and after that…

Stressed wooden surfaces will show signs of wear over time. The extent of this depends on the general handling, the type of cleaning and care. Spilled liquids and food should also be removed immediately after the curing time has elapsed. Place flower pots in suitable coasters.

All cleaning work should always be carried out as mildly as possible.

Oiled floors that have been treated with clean slippers or socks occasionally require a shine refreshment with Carnauba Wax Emulsion in the mopping water, instead of frequent sharp cleaning with soap. Use the carnauba wax emulsion only if the surface has become dull.

Very stubborn dirt can be removed beforehand with a sharp scrubbing sponge, abrasive fleece or sandpaper (P 100).

Then repair with original material (hard oil/wax).

The surface must be re-oiled as soon as it becomes absorbent again, at the latest as soon as it shows the first grey spots. The absorbency is evident when exposed to moisture. If the surface becomes significantly darker, re-oiling is necessary. To do this, process the product once again as described in the associated product information.

The information described has been established on the basis of the latest experience available to us. Due to the processing methods and environmental influences as well as the different nature of the substrates, a binding nature for the general legal validity of the individual recommendations must be excluded. Before use, the product must be tested by the processor for suitability for the application (test coat).
In the event of a new edition or product change, the texts lose their validity.