GekkkoSOL Lazure


For decorative coloured wall glazes on GekkkoSOL brush-on plasters and new untreated woods indoors.

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GekkkoSOL Lazure is a colourless binding agent for translucent, silicate-based colour coatings, e.g. wall lazures, brush-, rag-, sponge- or spatula techniques on GekkkoSOL paints.
Also suitable as non-yellowing and highly diffusible lazure coating on non-stressed wood surfaces (e. g. ceiling panels, beams).

Suitable for the application on: GekkkoSOL Paints, new or untreated and absorbing woods.
GekkkoSOL Lazure is suitable for interior use only.

GekkkoSOL Lazure might change the colour of woods. To find out, make trial coatings before larger applications !



  • Ready to use, colourless binding agent for lazures (can be tinted as desired)
  • matt and non-yellowing
  • odourless
  • water soluble
  • quick-drying, 3 coatings per day are possible
  • One-component binding agent
  • Highly diffusible
  • easily sandable
  • does not emphasise the wooden texture
  • Resistant to splash water
  • Contains no organic binders
  • vegan


Full Declaration

Waterglasses, silicon minerals, soda, water, xan-thane, cellulose, preservative for citrus fruits

When using the product, the complete Product information must be observed.

For application on GekkkoSOL Paints, dilute GekkkoSOL Lazure to the ratio of 1:2, that is, one part GekkkoSOL Lazure is diluted with two parts water.
For application on wooden surfaces, use GekkkoSOL undiluted. For strongly absorbing woods, GekkkoSOL Lazure can be diluted with up to 20 % of cold water.

on GekkkoSOL Paints: GekkkoSOL Lazure can be applied with a brush or a sponge by means of wiping, painting or dabbing. Do not use a roller !
on wooden surfaces: Apply GekkkoSOL Lazure with a soft brush (natural bristles) under light pressure. Change direction several times. Finally brush the lazure evenly in one direction.
An intermediate sanding (P120) is possible after the first coating has dried.

Recommended Number of Coatings
GekkkoSOL Lazure can be applied in one or more layers. We recommend not to apply more than 3 layers of undiluted lazure on wood and not more than 5 layers of the diluted lazure (ratio 1:2) on GekkkoSOL paints.
Single layer coatings are drying up matt. Following coatings increase the gloss. Too many layers of coatings might lead to heavy gloss or cracks.

Drying Times
Safe to coat after approx. 4 hrs. Thoroughly dried after approx. 24 hrs.

Suitable Tools

Lazure and and paint brushes. Recommended from the KREIDEZEIT range: Glaze Brush, Facade Brush, Lime Brush.

Cleaning the Tools
Immediately after use with water.

Product information GekkkoSOL Lazure

Material Safety Data Sheet GekkkoSOL Lazure

1 litre of undiluted GekkkoSOL Lazure can be tinted with up to 200 g of KREIDEZEIT mineral pigments.
1 litre of diluted GekkkoSOL Lazure (ratio 1:2) can be tinted with up to 75 g KREIDEZEIT mineral pigments.

Pigments once added might reduce storing time. Mixtures of GekkkoSOL Lazure with pigments should be used up soon.

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