Linseed Oil Putty

Packing size 1 kg
Range 7 - 10 m
Consumption per m² 140 g /m
Exact application rate values must be determined on site.

Classic window putty according to DIN 18545 – A and RAL 849 B / 2 for glazing wooden windows. Composition ready for processing. Easy to apply, free of synthetic resins, solvents, preservatives and fungicides.

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For the processing the current and original KAWO Produktinformation must be observed.

Colour: beige
Composition: chalk, linseed oil

In exterior areas, linseed oil putty must be protected from the weather by elastic coats based on natural oil after surface drying, e.g. with
Wood Lazure Exterior
Stand Oil Paint

Translation of the german original information of the company KAWO, analogous quotation:

KAWO linseed oil putty has proven itself for decades in the single glazing of windows and in repairs. Constant raw material control in our own laboratory and almost 100 years of experience guarantee safety through consistent quality.

With single glazing, the well-known condensation water formation occurs on the room side. The penetration of this water into the putty bed must be prevented under all circumstances.

For composite windows and metal windows, we recommend the use of KAWO 2-component repair putty.
We recommend KAWO Elastokitt for frames that are subject to high mechanical stress and sensitive to torsion.
For thicker primers (usually already the first intermediate coat) especially for the ready varnished putty fold we recommend KAWO-2K repair putty.

The putty folds must be clean, dust-free and dry. Do not apply a film-forming primer application of the linseed oil putty.

Due to its non-weather-resistant surface, the putty must always be protected with a coating. At the earliest after the skin formation, at the latest after approx. 4 – 8 weeks it must be painted over. It is not advisable to apply a primer to the dried putty, only a coat of the covering quality is sufficient (if necessary also several times). Overpainting too early can lead to wrinkling. KAWO linseed oil putty can be painted over with most alkyd resin paints.
Elastic high-gloss paints have proved to be the best so far. Ventilation paints are less suitable. In the case of water-thinnable paints, incompatibilities can occur in the form of discoloration or cracks. We generally recommend preliminary tests according to DIN 52452 part 4 or consultation at the factory.

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