Wood Lazure interior/exterior -colourless-


Diffusible, biocide-free protective coating for indoor and outdoor wood surfaces, such as windows, doors, wooden facades, timber frames, playground equipment, fences, garden furniture, car ports, beehives and much more.

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KREIDEZEIT Wood Lazure does not crack, tear or peel. Rather, it gradually weathers and can be easily cleaned and restored.

For outdoor use, non-fading KREIDEZEIT Pigments should be added to the Wood Lazure to bring out the natural wood grain colour, provide good UV protection and prevent the wood from going grey or weathering too quickly.
For indoor use, the Wood Lazure can be applied as a transparent coat.
Limited application on floors on request. Unsuitable for rough sawn wood, on old synthetic resin-based coatings and on roof surfaces.



  • Dirt and water repellent
  • Doesn’t crack, tear or peel
  • Weather-resistant and elastic
  • Transparent, glossy and brings out the wood grain
  • Diffusible
  • Easy to keep in good condition
  • Saliva and sweat-resistant according to DIN 53160
  • Solvent-based (natural balsamic turpentine)
  • Free from biocides
  • Cobalt, lead and barium-free
  • Vegan


Tinting / UV Protection

For indoor use, the Wood Lazure can be applied as a transparent or pigmented coat. For good UV protection outdoors, the Lazure must be tinted with pigments. Minimum pigment contents must be adhered to, see colour chart Pigments in Oil.


Full Declaration

Linseed oil, tung stand oil, linseed stand oil, balsamic turpentine, glycerol ester of wood rosin, and manganese and calcium dryer

When using the product, the complete Productinformation must be observed.

Warning! There is a risk of self-ignition when working materials are soaked with product.

Preparing the substrate / Initial sanding
Remove any resin pockets and old synthetic resin-based coats. For outdoor use: soak any absorbent cutting edges and end grain areas with KREIDEZEIT Resin Oil and allow to dry for at least 24 hours.
Sand down new or weathered wood (grit P80-100), rounding the edges. Do not use a finer sandpaper as this will make the wood too dense and unable to absorb enough oil. New, smooth, planed or finely pre-sanded wood should be rough sanded to ensure the oil can be absorbed. Dust down thoroughly after sanding.

Do not prime new or regular absorbent wood. Only prime highly absorbent or weathered wood with KREIDEZEIT Base Oil.

Shake product briefly before application. Apply Wood Lazure to untreated wood at least twice, allowing for drying between coats. The substrate may require sanding before applying the second coat.

If using containers with different batch numbers, mix and stir together prior to application. The product must not be poured onto surfaces!
Clean and dust down untreated substrates. Apply KREIDEZEIT Wood Lazure undiluted.
Please note: wood in outdoor areas should be fitted with non-rusting metal screws and fittings, otherwise dark stains may appear after applying oil.
Processing and drying temperatures: at least 10°C for a minimum of 48 hours.

1. First coat
Outdoors Apply pigmented Wood Lazure evenly with a brush or pad. Avoid applying excess amounts or ensure to spread them thinly. Spread out any coalesced varnish from the corners using an unloaded brush. Stir pigmented Wood Lazure before and occasionally during application.
Indoors Apply a transparent or pigmented coat as above. Alternatively, if a glossy appearance is not desired, leave for 10-20 minutes before wiping the entire treated area with a dry, lint-free cloth until any remaining Wood Lazure is completely removed and a uniform satin appearance is achieved.

2. Re-sanding between coats (optional) between coats (optional)
Re-sanding between coats is only required if the surface has dried rough, for example if wood fibres have dried proud of the surface. Sand using an abrasive pad in the direction of the fibre.
Dust down thoroughly after sanding.

3. Final coat(s)
Repeat as per the first coat.
Especially if applying outdoors, it is important that the surfaces are well saturated once application is complete and a uniform silky-glossy appearance is achieved. Apply further coats of Wood Lazure if required.

Drying Time
Dry and re-coatable at 20°C and 60% relative humidity after approx. 24 hours, or at least 48 hours for substrates containing tannin (e.g. oak). High humidity, cold temperatures and substrates containing tannin significantly extend the drying time. Hardened after approx. 4 weeks.

Suitable Tools
Paint brushes and pads. Do not use a spray or roller to apply the product.

Cleaning the Tools
Clean immediately after use with Balsamic Turpentine and then with Olive Care Soap or Corfu Soap.

Productinformation Wood Lazure

Material Safety Data Sheet Wood Lazure

Treating Wooden Windows

Applying oils

This product can be tinted with any KREIDEZEIT Pigment.

Pigments in Oil

For indoor use, the Wood Lazure can be applied as a transparent or pigmented coat.
If applying outdoors, the following minimum pigment content must be adhered to:

mind. 15 %: (150 g/l)Ochre gold, Ochre yellow, Ochre orange, Ochre red, Siena red, Umber light brown, Umber reddish, Umber red-brown, Umber green dark, Umber dark, Umber green
mind. 10 %: (100 g/l)Spinel yellow, Spinel orange, Spinel green, Spinel turquoise, Spinel blue, Spinel mint, Sun yellow, Oxide orange
mind. 8 %: (80 g/l)Iron Oxide Black

Ultramarine Blue and Ultramarine Violet are not suitable for outdoor use. We advise against using Titanium White tones outdoors because of the insufficient UV protection offered.

Start by stirring the pigments into a small amount of the product until it forms a lump-free paste, and then stir into the main mixture. Instruction

The pigments can be mixed freely with each other.

Colour samples are available from our retailers.

Alternatively, the product can be tinted in any ratio with Stand Oil Paint, half rich (article no. D1100-1115).

We would like to point out that the color tones cannot always be displayed correctly by different monitors and their settings. The same applies to self-produced prints of these colours. In order to get a better or true-to-original impression of our colours, we recommend the purchase of our colour cards with original coats or our printed, free flyers.

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