Orange Peel Oil


For diluting oil-based KREIDEZEIT products. For cleaning tools that have been soiled with these products. For stain removal and degreasing of surfaces. For dissolving terpene-soluble natural resins such as rosin, dammar.

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Orange Peel Oil is an essential oil obtained by squeezing orange peel and distillation. It is contained in the orange peel at a content of 0.3 – 0.5 %. This essential oil is used as a solvent for resins and oils in the production of natural paints and as an aroma and fragrance in the food and cosmetics industry.

For diluting oil-based KREIDEZEIT products: Wood Lazure, Standoil Paint, Hard Oils, Multi Purpose Wax, and natural oils such as: Linseed Oil Varnish, Linseed Standoil and Tung Standoil.

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Orange peel oil

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