Punic Wax


Glossy wax coating for KREIDEZEIT glossy plasters, glossy spatula techniques and casein paints, as well as marble imitations and encaustic.

Punic Wax is a soap based on beeswax with a creamy consistency. The beeswax is molten, cleaned and then bleached over active charcoal and Fuller’s earth using a special method.
In a process developed by KREIDEZEIT the bleached wax is saponified with potash so that it is partly water soluble and easy to apply.

Punic Wax is a shiny wax coating for:
– KREIDEZEIT Stuccolustro, Stucco Fine,Tadelakt, Marmorino, and on Lime Wall Finish -smooth-
– marble imitations (e.g. on Casein Marble Paint)
– Encaustic
– Casein Paint Coatings

As an addition to Casein Marble Paint, Vega Wallpaint or gluebound Distemper
– spackle techniques
– stencil paintings
– polishable coatings



  • Creamy
  • paste-like
  • low odour
  • without organic solvents (the solvent is water)
  • satin-finished to high-gloss after polishing
  • dirt-repelling
  • antistatic
  • diffusible


Full Declaration

Water, beeswax, potash, silicic acid

When using the product, the complete Product information must be observed.

On Marmorino, Stuccolustro, Stucco Fein, Lime wall Finish -smooth-
Apply Punic wax undiluted with the Venetian Trowel (Art. K4227 / 4228) or a Spring Steel Trowel (Art. K 4225) in one to several wafer-thin layers. Apply only to surfaces that have already been soaped. After drying, polish with a trowel.

On Tadelakt
Apply Punic wax undiluted and wafer-thin with a cloth ball and polish immediately with a clean, dry and soft cloth ball. Apply only to surfaces that have already been soaped.

Marble imitations
For example on Casein Marble Paint designed with marble imitations: apply the Punic Wax thinly with a trowel and, after drying, either polish with a trowel or by hand with soft cloths, horsehair brushes or a polishing machine for an even shine. Attention with machine polish: Too high pressure and too high rpm can lead to damage of the surface due to heat development!
The wax coating creates a deep and transparent character that is deceptively similar to real marble.

Polishable Wallpaint
With an addition of 15% Punic Wax to Casein Mar-ble Paint, Vega Wall Paint or Distemper (0.75 kg Punic Wax on 5 kg powder) you get a wall surface of beautiful silky gloss after drying and polishing. Only mix wax into the already mixed paint and after its expanding time!

Drying Times
approx. 5 – 6 hours at 20 °C.

Cleaning the Tools
Immediately after use with warm water, if necessary with a little soap.

Product information Punic Wax

Material Safety Data Sheet Punic Wax

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