Shellac Varnish

Packing size 500 ml
Range 5 m²
Consumption per m² 0,65 - 0,100 l
Exact application rate values must be determined on site.

Quick-drying protective coating for low-stress wood surfaces indoors. Practically odourless after drying and therefore ideal for painting the inside of wooden furniture: cup-boards, drawers and the like.

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Also suitable as a raw material for mixing e.g. shellac-based paints and barrier primers according to own recipes. Content of dewaxed shellac at least 28.5 %.

Not suitable for floors and in wet or splash water areas.
KREIDEZEIT Shellac Varnish is not a classic shellac polish, as it does not contain shellac wax, the product is not polished after drying.



  • quick-drying
  • emphasizes the wood grain
  • practically odourless after drying
  • economical
  • sealing
  • reduces vapour diffusion
  • easy to keep in good condition
  • cobalt, lead and barium-free
  • made from natural and renewable resources


Full Declaration

Alcohol (denatured with MEK, IPA, Bitrex), de-waxed shellac

When using the product, the complete Product information must be observed.

Shake product briefly before application.
During processing gloves should be worn, dried shellac can only be removed from the skin with alcohol.
Apply KREIDEZEIT Shellac Varnish to untreated wood twice, allowing for drying between coats. The substrate may require sanding before applying the second coat.
If using containers with different batch numbers, mix and stir together prior to application. The product must not be poured onto surfaces!
Clean and dust down untreated substrates.
KREIDEZEIT Shellac Varnish comes ready-to-use and is applied undiluted.

1. Initial sanding
Sand the wood (grit P80-120), rounding the edges.
Dust down thoroughly after sanding.

2. First coat
Apply Shellac Varnish undiluted, evenly and sparingly with a brush or cloth.

3. Re-sanding between coats (optional)
Re-sanding between coats is only required if the surface has dried rough, for example if wood fibres have dried proud of the surface. Use sand paper (grit P100-180) in the direction of the fibre.
Dust down thoroughly after sanding.

4. Second coat
Repeat as per the first coat. Work very quickly, as the first coat partially dissolves again.

5. Wax treatment

Not recommended.

The product is applied undiluted, but can be diluted as necessary with Alcohol.

Drying Times
Dry and recoatable at 20°C and 60% relative humidity after approx. 2-3 hours. The coating dries purely physically by evaporation of the alcohol.
Fully dried and resilient after 24-48 hours.

Cleaning, Maintenance and Handling

Dried shellac is very sensitive to water.
– Remove water splashes and liquid contaminants immediately.
– Clean as dry as possible with a soft cloth or at most damp with warm water and a soft cloth without additives.
– Do not use microfibre cloths or pads, these will remove the shellac.

Suitable Tools
Varnish brushes, lint-free cotton cloths

Cleaning the Tools
Immediately after use with Alcohol.

Product information Shellac Varnish

Material Safety Data Sheet Shellac Varnish

This product can be tinted with any KREIDEZEIT Pigment.

Colour Chart Pigments in Oil

Start by stirring the pigments into a small amount of the product until it forms a lump-free paste, and then stir into the main mixture. Instruction

The pigments can be mixed freely with each other. Colour samples are available from our retailers.

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