Shellac Wax Polish

Packing size 250 ml
Range 2,5 m²
Consumption per m² -
Exact application rate values must be determined on site.

KREIDEZEIT Shellac Wax Polish is a fast-drying surface treatment for turned wooden pieces.

To achieve even surfaces with a traditional shellac polish requires a lot of experience and is not easy.
In cooperation with Stefan Benner we have developed a combination of shellac with natural waxes that is easier to apply and polish.
With the polish, silk-gloss to high-gloss surfaces can be achieved.

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    • fast drying
    • easy to polish on the machine
    • grain accentuating
    • practically odorless after drying
    • high-yield
    • reduces vapor diffusion
    • easy to maintain
    • saliva and perspiration resistant according to DIN 53160
    • free of cobalt, lead and barium
    • made from natural and renewable raw materials


Full Declaration
Alcohol, wax-free decolorized shellac, balsamic turpentine oil, orange peel oil,
carnauba wax, beeswax, denaturants (MEK, IPA, Bitrex).

When using the product, the complete Product information Shellac Wax Polish must be observed.

Shake the product thoroughly before use.
KREIDEZEIT Shellac Wax Polish is ready for use and is applied undiluted.
Clean and de-dust untreated substrates. Grind the surface to a grain size of at least 240 without leaving any marks.
Apply product thinly and evenly with suitable cloths. Polish after 2 min. drying.
After the first coat, further coats can be applied. An intermediate sanding may be necessary before the second application

Initial Sanding
Sand the wood (grain size at least P 240). Thor-oughly remove dust after sanding.g.

First coat
Apply KREIDEZEIT Shellac Wax Polish undiluted, evenly and sparingly with a cloth and let dry.

Re-sanding between coats (optional)
Re-sanding between coats is only required if the surface has dried rough, for example if wood fibres have dried proud of the surface. Use sand paper (grit P360 or finer) in the direction of the fibre.
Dust down thoroughly after sanding.

Second and further coats
Repeat the procedure as for the first coat.
Work quickly, as the first coat may dissolve again.

The product is used undiluted, but can be diluted with alcohol ( 460) if necessary.

Drying Times
Dry and recoatable at 20 °C and 60 % relative humidity after approx. 2-3 hours.
The coating dries purely physically by evaporation of the alcohol.
Fully dry and ready for exposure after 24-48 hours.

Suitable Tools
lint-free cotton cloths, absorbent kitchen paper

Product information Shellac Wax Polish

Material Safety Data Sheet Shellac Wax Polish

White spots caused by moisture can usually be easily removed by heating the surface with a hair dryer and then polishing with a cloth. Alternatively, by vigorously rubbing the surface with an alcohol-soaked cloth and then reapplying Shellac Wax Polish.

Cleaning the tools
Immediately after use with Alcohol (art. 460).

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