Tempera Paint

Packing size 2 x 1 kg, 2 x 50 ml
Range 16 - 20 m²
Consumption per m² 100 g
Exact application rate values must be determined on site.

For matt coatings on untreated wood surfaces indoors. Tempera Paint is used for Shabby Chic effects on furniture and for paints in low-stress areas: Ceilings, wall panels, beams.

These surfaces have a lower resistance than e.g. surfaces coated with lacquers. The coating is sufficiently protected for moderately stressed surfaces by a post-treatment with KREIDEZEIT Safflower Multi Purpose Wax.
For ceilings and wall panelling, beams, a treatment with wax is usually not necessary.

Can be tinted with KREIDEZEIT Pigments.

In the past, wooden surfaces were often painted with tempera paints indoors. Tempera paints are emulsions of aqueous binders, e.g. milk casein, and oil components, whereby casein is a very good emulsifier.
KREIDEZEIT Tempera Paint is a casein tempera. Casein tempera is better suited for wood coatings than pure casein paint, as the oil content improves adhesion and makes the paint a bit more flexible, similar to a plasticizer. A certain flexibility is important for wood coatings, as wood swells and shrinks with temperature and moisture changes.


  • Powder for mixing with water
  • matt, white
  • Easy to use
  • Very open to diffusion, antistatic
  • Excellent opacity
  • several times overcoatable
  • Free of antidegradants
  • free of synthetic resin binders


Content of the Set

2 x 1 kg Tempera Paint
2 x 50 ml Safflower Oil


Full Declaration

Marble powder, chalk, zinc sulfide, casein, kaoline, soda, methyl cellulose, safflower oil

When using the product, the complete Product information Tempera Paint must be observed.

Initial Sanding
Sand the wood (grit P80-100), rounding the edges. Do not use a finer sandpaper as this will make the wood too dense and unable to absorb enough oil.
New, smooth, planed or finely pre-sanded wood should be rough sanded to ensure the paint can be absorbed. Dust down thoroughly after sanding.

Not necessary.

Mixing the Paint
Stir 1 kg of paint powder into 650 ml clean, cold water, until the mixture is smooth. Use a powerful kitchen mixer. Leave to expand for at least 30 minutes. Then stir well again while adding 50 ml of Safflower Oil before processing.

Adjust paint/water mixture to suit the surface; i.e. a little more water may be required for a particular application.
Tempera Paint can also be used as a semi-transparent / translucent coating.

Application temperature at least 8°C. Stir occasionally during application.
Two coats are typically required for full opacity. Do not attempt to cover dark and high-contrast substrates with only one coat of paint; excessive application thicknesses can lead to damage to the coating! Allow previous coats to dry completely before applying another coat.
Please also note our instructions for our Shabby Chic Set.
The paint should be applied quickly in the direction of the wood fibres. The Paint must be applied within 1-2 days after mixing.
Do not use paint that smells bad or rotten under any circumstances: Danger of prolonged odour problems even after drying!

Surface protection with Wax
KREIDEZEIT Safflower Multi Purpose Wax is a solvent-free, particularly low-yellowing thistle oil beeswax treatment. The wax makes the shades appear more intense or darker. It is applied thinly with a cloth to the dried surface. Allow to absorb for 15 minutes after application and then rub off any material that has not been absorbed with a dry lint-free cloth. Drying time at 20°C for at least 24 hours.

Drying Times
Safe to coat after approx. 8 hrs. Due to the contained drying oils, the final strength of a tempera paint is only achieved after approx. 4 weeks.

Suitable Tools
Good quality, medium-pile paint roller (polyamide) and paint brush.
Flat Brush, Lacquer Brush, Small Roller

Product information Tempera Paint

Material Safety Data Sheet Tempera Paint

If stored cool and dry, the paint powder can be kept for at least 3 years. Tip: Small quantities of mixed paint can be frozen for repair purposes.

Tempera Paint can be tinted with up to 10% KREIDEZEIT earth and mineral pigments (max. 100 g pigment per 1 kg paint powder).

Colour Chart Wall Paints & Plasters
Pigment guide

Printed versions are available from KREIDEZEIT and KREIDEZEIT dealers.

Either stir the pigment directly into the preparation water until smooth before mixing in the white paint powder, or create a paste with a little water and then mix in with the finished Tempera Paint. Instruction

The online colour charts are for rough orientation only.
We would like to point out that the color tones cannot always be displayed correctly by different monitors and their settings. The same applies to self-produced prints of these colours. In order to get a better or true-to-original impression of our colours, we recommend the purchase of our colour fan, our colour cards with original coats or our printed, free flyers.

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