Paint children’s rooms naturally – without toxic fumes

First of all, all KREIDEZEIT products do not contain any harmful substances, they are free of all preservatives and softeners and are therefore healthy to live in.
For this reason ALL our wall paints, plasters and wood treatments are absolutely ideal for children’s rooms!
Conventional wall paints, children’s toys, furniture, laminate and wooden floors are often full of harmful ingredients. Preservatives such as isothiazolones or softeners and formaldehyde from adhesives still lead to indoor air pollution even after the drying process and are therefore particularly harmful to the health of babies and small children. Children can react with headaches, allergic reactions and also with a weakening of the immune system to room poisons.

Our recommendation for a pollutant-free and completely natural children’s room
color tones. For small children we recommend rather warm colour tones, older children of course decide their favourite colour themselves. We offer more than 250 colour shades, which can also be brushed on together with the children. We also offer stencils with beautiful motives. Our casein marble flour paint is abrasion-resistant and can be painted over several times.
Wooden toys and wooden furniture can be perfectly painted with stand oil paint semi-greasy, for colourless wood treatment the beeswax-smelling Multi Purpose Wax is a good solution.
You can paint the wooden floor with our Hard Oil. It is then hard-wearing, dirt- and water-repellent.
With our Stand oil paints you can paint sandpits, swings and other toys outdoors.
Our paints are 100% declared and this shows that we only use natural raw materials.

kreidezeit-naturfarben-Paint children's rooms naturally
kreidezeit-naturfarben-Paint children's rooms naturally
kreidezeit-naturfarben-Paint children's rooms naturally