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With KREIDEZEIT Full-tone Binder and KREIDEZEIT pigments you can easily mix full-tone wall paints according to your own wishes.

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There are no limits to your imagination. You can produce wall paints from single pigments, or from mixtures of two or more pigments in any ratio.
Please note our colour chart under “Colour charts”.

Binder for mixing full-tone wall and ceiling paints for the interior.
Suitable for all structurally-sound, absorbent indoor renders (clay, lime, gypsum and cement), fillers, ingrain wallpaper, pure wallpaper, paper fleece, plasterboard, gypsum fibreboards and concrete.
Also suitable for firmly ingrained, matt and absorbent emulsion paints (please always test on a small sample area first).
For wet rooms, we recommend KREIDEZEIT Lime Paint.
The Full-tone Binder must be mixed with pigments in a ratio of 1:1 and must not be applied unpigmented as a single coat.



  • Powder for mixing with water
  • Easy to use
  • low odour
  • Very open to diffusion, antistatic
  • Without Titanium White
  • Wiping resistant and several times overcoatable
  • Free of antidegradants
  • free of synthetic resin binders
  • vegan


Full Declaration

Chalk, vegetable casein, kaoline, cellulose, soda, methyl cellulose

When using the product, the complete Product information Full-tone Binder must be observed.

Apply a base coat to all renders, fillers, levelled drywall, concrete and old emulsion paints with Vega Primer or Casein Primer and leave to dry completely. Do not apply to paper fleece/wallpaper.

Mixing the paint
The Full-tone Binder must be mixed with pigments in a 1:1 ratio, e.g. 1 kg solid binder (powder) + 1 kg pigment (powder).
First stir the pigment lump-free into the required amount of clean, cold water and only then stir in the Full-ton Binder until the mixture is lumpfree. Alternatively, the Full-tone Binder and pigments can also be pre-mixed dry beforehand and then stirred together in water.
Use a powerful drill with agitator for mixing. Leave to expand for at least 30 minutes and stir well again before processing.

Water required
The water requirement varies depending on the pigment used. Guide values for a mixture of 1 kg full-tone paint, consisting of 500 g Full-tone Binder and 500 g pigment:

1.25 L water Ochre yellow, Ochre red, Umber light brown, Ochre gold, Ochre orange, Oxide orange, Umber green, Iron Oxide Black, Ultramarine blue, Ultramarine violet, Spinel yellow, Spinel turquoise, Spinel blue, Spinel green, Spinel orange, Spinel mint, Sun yellow, Umber burnt, Terra di Siena burnt, Iron Oxide red 110, Iron Oxide red 130, Iron Oxide red 140, Iron Oxide red 180, Umber burnt (Cyprus), Chrome oxide green

1.50 L water Umber green dark, Umber reddish, Umbra black-brown, Iron oxide yellow 930, Iron oxide brown 610,

1.75 L water Siena red, Umber red-brown, Iron oxide yellow 420

2.00 L water Umber dark, Umber natural, Terra di Siena natural.

It is important not to apply Full-tone paints too thickly. This means that, depending on the substrate, the paints may have to be further diluted with water to achieve a good spreadability.

White brightening
For brightening, the mixed Full-tone paints can be mixed in any ratio with white KREIDEZEIT Vega Wallpaint or Clay Paint.

Application temperature at least 8°C.
Stir occasionally during application.
Two coats are typically required for full opacity. Do not attempt to cover dark and high-contrast substrates with only one coat of paint; excessive application thicknesses can lead to damage to the coating! Allow previous coats to dry completely before applying another coat.
During drying, the colours lighten considerably.

Using a paint brush Apply evenly with a facade brush in a criss-cross pattern.
Using a Roller Apply the paint liberally and evenly in a criss-cross pattern. Then immediately use a roller in a single direction, without applying any further paint.

The Paint must be applied on the same day as mixing.
Do not use paint that smells bad or rotten under any circumstances: Danger of prolonged odour problems even after drying!

Drying Times at norkmal Climate
Safe to coat after approx. 8 hrs. Thoroughly dried after approx. 24 hrs.

Suitable Tools
Good quality, medium-pile paint roller (polyamide) and paint brush. Airless sprayers (min. air pressure 200 bar).
Recommended from the KREIDEZEIT range:
Facade brush (article no. P 6080), Lime brush (article no. P 6082),Professional roller (article no. 6365), Professional roller (article no. 6565).

Cleaning the Tools
Immediately after use with water.

Product information Full-tone Binder

Material Safety Data Sheet Full-tone Binder

How to video (german)

Depending on the substrate, ambient conditions and the pigment used, full-tone paints dry up from homogeneous to noticeably cloudy. The result should be determined before large-area processing by means of test surfaces.
With the following pigments it is more difficult to create a uniform coat of paint: Siena red, Umber red-brown, Umber dark, Umber green, Terra di Siena natural, Iron Oxide yellow 420 and 930, Chrome Oxide green.

You can produce wall paints from single pigments, or from mixtures of two or more pigments in any ratio.

Colour Chart Full-tone Binder

Pigment Calculator Full-Tones

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