Safflower Oil

Packing size 0,5 l
Consumption per m²
Exact application rate values must be determined on site.

Adhesion improving additive to KREIDEZEIT Vega Wallpaint and Casein Marble Paint for the overcoating of dispersion paints. For low-yellowing interior wood finishes. As additive for KREIDEZEIT Chalk Tempera at Shabby Chic works.

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Safflower oil is a natural, drying oil obtained from the seeds of safflower (carthamus tinctorius). Among the drying oils, safflower oil is a rather slower drying but particularly non-yellowing oil. It is therefore used in low-yellowing paints and lacquers.
In the food industry, safflower oil is used, for example, in dietary margarine.

Not suitable for floors.

Full Declaration

100 % safflower oil, without any further additives

When using the product, the complete Product information must be observed.

Warning! There is a risk of self-ignition when working materials are soaked with product.

As additive to casein paints
Mix Casein Marble Paint or Vega Wallpaint with water according to the instructions on the package, leave to soak for at least 30 minutes and stir again thoroughly. Now stir in the safflower oil in a thin stream, leave to stand for another 15 minutes and stir again thoroughly. Dilute with water until easy to apply. Recommended additional quantity: max. 30 ml safflower oil, per 1 kg casein paint (powder).

As treatment for wood surfaces
The substrate must be untreated, dust-free, clean, dry, non-greasy, chemically neutral and absorbent. Add a maximum of 1% Siccative to the Safflower Oil to shorten the drying time, e.g. 1 litre Safflower Oil + max. 10 ml Siccative. Stir the Siccative thoroughly into the oil and leave to rest for 24 hours before processing.
Apply the undiluted Safflower Oil thinly and evenly with a brush or lint-free cloth.
After 20-30 minutes, thoroughly wipe the entire treated area with a dry, lint-free cloth until the surface has a uni-form satin appearance. Ensure that all unabsorbed oil has been completely removed, as otherwise shiny or sticky patches may remain.
KREIDEZEIT Safflower Oil must fully penetrate into the wood. It must not form a layer on the wood.

For the treatment of larger areas it is recommended to dilute the siccativated safflower oil up to 1: 1 with Balsamic Turpentine.

Drying Times
Wood surface treatment (at 1% siccativation): approx. 48 hours at 20°C. High humidity, cold, tannic substrates prolong the drying time considerably.
Final hardness is achieved after approx. 4 weeks. Use gently and protect from water during this time.
Wall paints dry and can be painted over after 24 hours at 20°C. Final hardness is achieved after approx. 4 weeks.

Product information Safflower Oil

Material Safety Data Sheet Safflower Oil

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