Shellac Sealing Primer


For blocking penetrating water, rust, soot or nicotine stains on all absorbent wall and ceiling surfaces such as plaster, wallpaper, wood and wood materials.

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Shellac is an alcohol soluble natural resin of animal origin. The shellac is produced by female scallop lice, thousands of which live as parasites on certain shrubs in East India and Thailand. The secretion of these lice covers the branches in thick layers, which are harvested twice a year, to protect the brood.
In addition to dead lice, the dried secretion contains about 60 – 80% pure shellac and 4 – 6% wax. Shellac of different qualities is obtained by cleaning and bleaching.
Areas of application for shellac can be found e. g. in the pharmaceutical industry (dragee glazes), in insulating paints, wood polishes, finishes, chewing gum and inks.
Solidifying primer for blocking penetrating dyes from water, rust, soot, dye and nicotine stains on almost all indoor surfaces (plaster, stone, wall paints, wallpaper, wood and wood-based materials).
Suitable for over painting with KREIDEZEIT wall paints. Do not coat with lime plaster. Do not use to block penetrating moisture. Do not use on damp surfaces.



  • insulating and blocking
  • white, opaque, matte
  • easy grip due to light surface roughness
  • quick-drying
  • vapour-tight, non-absorbent
  • easy to process and yielding
  • Can be coated with many paints and varnishes


Full Declaration

Fermentation alcohol (denatured with MEK, IPA, Bitrex), wax-free shellac, linseed oil varnish, titanium white, talc, quartz, silica

When using the product, the complete Product information Shellac Sealing Primer must be observed.

Remove dirt on the substrate as far as possible (brush and wash off).
Stir the product thoroughly before use and apply thinly and evenly with a brush or roller onto the dry substrate. For blocking off weak stains, 1 coat of paint is usually sufficient, for strong stains apply 2-3 x with intermediate drying and without intermediate sanding. Can be coated with KREIDEZEIT wall paints after approx. 24 hours.
The Sealing Primer can be applied selectively for subsequent white wall paint coats.
For subsequent coloured wall paint coats or paints that are provided with wall glazes, the Sealing Primer must be applied over the entire surface, otherwise coloured markings may occur.
If glossy spots have been created due to too thick application, the dried Sealing Primer must be sanded matt before coating with wall paints.
It is possible to dilute the product with KREIDEZEIT Alcohol up to 10 % vol.

Drying Times
Touch dry after approx. 30 minutes. Dry and coatable after approx. 12 hours at 20 °C.

Cleaning the Tools
Immediately after use with alcohol, then wash with Marseille Soap, Corfu Soap or Olive Care Soap and water.

Product information Shellac Sealing Primer

Material Safety Data Sheet Shellac Sealing Primer

Shellac Shielding Primer s highly flammable. Always keep container tightly closed. Keep ignition sources away. Alcohol can form flammable vapours during processing. Ensure good ventilation during work.

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