Effective stucco technique with stucco fine render & pearl gloss pigments

A beautiful surface technique with a metallic shine can under certain circumstances mean less effort than a classic stucco surface. With this technique, the stucco material is applied in only one layer, not smoothed and pressed as usual. This structure is highlighted by the application of Punic wax in which Pearl Gloss Pigment has previously been mixed. Although the stucco material itself does not initially shine, the wax and pearlescent pigment are used to make the surface shine by polishing the wax.



kreidezeit-naturfarben-anleitungen-stucco-fein-perlglanzSlightly textured, filled with Stucco Fine Render, colour 134 from the colour chart
kreidezeit-naturfarben-anleitungen-stucco-fein-perlglanz-2pearl glosst pigment, here bronze 3.13, to be scoured with some water
…and then mix it with the Punic wax.


kreidezeit-naturfarben-anleitungen-stucco-fein-perlglanz-4Applying coloured Punic wax with a spatula
kreidezeit-naturfarben-anleitungen-stucco-fein-perlglanz-5Polishing with a spring steel trowel