Saponified Lime

Saponifying fresh lime surfaces is a well-known and proven method to protect surfaces and known since the times of the roman empire.

Saponified lime surfaces are diffusible, hydrophobic and easy to clean. Splash water and other liquids roll off the surface without leaving serious stains. Dirt does not get into the surface immediately and can be removed easily.

By application of stronger concentrated soap solution on strongly tinted lime surfaces a nice patina can be achieved.

Everywhere, where stronger staining, dust and splash water can occur and proper cleaning is necessary.
Staircases, nursery schools, children’s rooms, medical practice, splash water areas in bathroom and kitchen.

Saponified lime surfaces are not suitable for processing directly in shower cells (except Tadelakt) and in the area of cooking zones. Saponified lime is not fat-repellent.

Mechanism of Action
The natural fatty acids contained in real vegetable soaps (e.g. Kreidezeit Corfu Soap), react with fresh lime and form the so-called lime-soap.
Lime-soaps are hydrophobic (water repellent), have a whitish colour and are completely water-insoluble.

Fresh lime is essential for the reaction. Lime that has set (limestone, marble, chem. calcium carbonate), is not able to form lime-soap.
Thus, it is important to apply the soap as quickly as possible after the last layer of lime (paint or plaster), the maximum is 24 hours.
The usual synthetic soaps, washing lotions, liquid soaps, neutral soaps) do not react with lime.

Suitable Substrates
from the Kreidezeit product range are:
Lime Paint
Lime Wall Finish -smooth-
Lime Wall Finish -fine-
Lime Wall Finish -medium-

Preparing the soap solution (max. 2 %)
Dissolve max. 20 g of Corfu Soap (article no. 226) in 1 litre of hot water.

Apply lime paint or lime plaster on suitable surface according to the instructions given.
Apply the still warm soap solution (2 %) directly after drying. Apply again after drying if desired.
Apply the soap solution thinly and in bottom-up direction (to avoid traces) with a brush, e.g. article no. P 6080.

Design Options
– Wall glazes (one layer) The soap solution (2 %, see above) can be tinted with Kreidezeit pigments with a maximum of 50 g of pigments per litre. Apply with a brush.

– Wall lazures (several layers) Tint Kreidezeit Sinter Water (article no. 169) with up to 50 g of Kreidezeit pigments per litre. Apply with a brush in several layers, let each layer dry. Apply the soap solution (2 %, see above) directly after drying. Apply again after drying if desired.

– Smooth, glossy surfaces
Densify Kreidezeit Lime Wall Finish -smooth- or -fine- with a trowel, apply the soap solution (2 %, see above) after setting and then densify with the trowel to a glossy finish.

– Patination By applying a more concentrated soap solution to strongly coloured lime surfaces, an attractive patina can be created.

Remove liquid stains (e.g beverages) immediately after contact to the surface with a soft, absorbent cloth (cotton) without rubbing.
Wipe off dry soiling with a soft sponge and cold or lukewarm water (not with hot water) and dry with a soft cloth.

Commercial caustic or scrubbing cleaning agents must not be used for cleaning.

On strongly pigmented lime paints and lime plasters, the soap may leave behind white clouds that cannot be removed. Before working on large areas, trial areas should therefore first be created to check the suitability on the corresponding substrate and to familiarise oneself with the application, appearance and cleaning of the coating.

A hydrophobic surface can also be achieved on rough surfaces (Lime Paint -textured-, Lime Wall Finish -medium-). But is more difficult to keep these rough surfaces clean.

On all other non lime-bound KREIDEZEIT products, hydrophobing with soap is not possible.

The hydrophobic surfaces should be sanded prior to overcoating. Ensure by spraying with water that the surface is equally absorbent. Let dry and apply the desired renovation coating.

The above information has been compiled in accordance with the best of our experience and knowledge. Owing to the application methods and environmental influences, as well as the various surface properties, no liabilities or legalities pertaining to the individual recommendations can be entertained. Prior to application, the suitability of the product is to be tested (trial coat).
You will find the latest product information on this internetsite or directly at Kreidezeit.
The validity of the text ceases with revisions or product modifications.