Lime Wall Finish -medium-


Multi-purpose, adhesion-enhanced lime finish plaster for interior use. Grain: 1.4 mm. For surfaces from strongly textured to finely rough or smooth. Layer thicknesses: 2 – 8 mm.

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Due to its content of very fine limehydrate and italian marble, this plaster offers a very bright white and it has very good binding capabilities while staying totally free of any synthetic resins nor artificial pigments, e.g. titanium white. The high diffusibility, capillarity and alkalinity protect against fungal infection for a long time. Thus Lime Wall Finish is especially suitable for humid rooms.



  • Powder to be mixed with water
  • Dry wipe resistant and resistant to splash water
  • Free of emissions
  • no preservatives
  • Several times overcoatable
  • Disinfectant and fungicidal
  • Ideal substrate for wall glaze techniques
  • alkaline (pH 13)
  • vegan


Full Declaration

Quartz sand, marble sand, marble lime hydrate, cellulose, methyl cellulose

When using the product, the complete Productinformation must be observed.

Suitable substrates
Untreated mineral plasters, concrete, drywalls, fibrous plasterboards

Apply a base coat to all renders, fillers, levelled drywall and concrete with Vega Primer or Casein Primer and leave to dry completely.

Apply with trowel or smoother. Sponge, smoothen, structure or polish/press to shine as desired.
Many more special effects can be achieved by mixing the Lime Wall Finish with KREIDEZEIT Decorative Aggregates. Maximum layer thickness: 8 mm.

Hydrophobing / more Gloss
By a treatment with a 2 % solution of KREIDEZEIT Corfu Soap a water-repellent surface can be achieved.
For an optimal hydrophobization apply the soap as soon as possible but at the latest after 24 hours on the dried surface. Apply thin and evenly from bottom to top. Do not roll !
After drying, repeat the application if necessary.
On tinted lime plasters a typical whitish cloudy effect might occur (find out by trial coatings first).

Drying times
Dry and safe to coat after at least 24 hrs per mm of layer thickness at 20°C and a relative humidity of 65%. Lower temperatures extend the drying times.

Suitable Tools
Recommended from the KREIDEZEIT range: Venetian Trowels, Steel Trowels

Cleaning the Tools
Immediately after use with water.

Productinformation Lime Wall Finish Medium

Material Safety Data Sheet Lime Wall Finish Medium

– For the creation of surfaces from structured to finely rough or smooth. Many more special effects can be achieved by mixing the Lime Wall Finish with KREIDEZEIT Decorative Aggregates

– Topic Sheet “Soaped Lime

– Instruction ” Mixing of Pigments

Lime Wall Finish can be tinted with up to 5% KREIDEZEIT earth and mineral pigments (max. 50 g pigment per 1 kg plaster powder).

Colour Chart
Pigment guide Wall Paints and Renders
Pigment guide Addtional Pigments

Either stir the pigment directly into the preparation water until smooth before mixing in the white plaster powder, or create a paste with a little water and then mix in with the already mixed Lime Wall Finish. Instruction

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