Glass Pebbles


Rounded pebbles of coloured glass, without sharp edges. Available in 6 transparent colours and black.

Correctly applied, your plaster gets shiny coloured inclusions with depth. The effect depends on the illumination of the surface.

As an additive to KREIDEZEIT Lime Wall Finish -fine- and Lime Wall Finish -medium-.

Available colours

  • clear
  • ruby red
  • amber
  • turquoise
  • black
  • light blue
  • light green

Recommended quantity to be added
6 % (25 kg Plaster + 1.5 kg Glass Pebbles)

Maximum quantity to be added
100 % (25 kg Plaster + 25 kg Glass Pebbles), a little tough to process, but looks great.

When using the product, the complete Product information must be observed.

Consumption per sqm
Measured with KREIDEZEIT Lime Wall Finish -fine-.
6 % mixture 4 kg Lime Wall Finish -fine- + 240 g Glass Pebbles per m².
100 % mixture 3,5 kg Lime Wall Finish -fine- + 3,5 kg Glass Pebbles per m².

Preparing the substrate
Treat all slightly and/or irregular absorbent substrates (i.e. plasterboards, gypsum fibre boards, repaired plasters) at first with Vega Primer or Casein Primer. Cover the surface entirely and evenly with Lime Wall Finish -medium- and let dry properly. An even structure can only be achieved on evenly absorbent substrates.

Mix the desired amount of Glass Pebbles into the already mixed plaster. Usually no more water for dilution will be needed. Apply the mixture with a trowel a bit thicker than the grain size of the pebbles. Let set a while. Then wipe the surface with a humid sponge or sponge board, until the Glass Pebbles are exposed.
Avoid water running over the surface !
Let set again, then wipe off lime residues from the Pebbles, by using a clean and very slightly humid sponge.
If there are still some lime residues on the pebbles after drying, wipe them off with a clean and dry viscose sponge.

Product information Decorative Aggregates

Creative variations
It´s not necessary to spread the Pebbles evenly over the surface. You can also embed spots, clusters or stripes with more or less percentage of pebbles.

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