Potassium Water Glass


Concentrated silicifying and curing binder for KREIDEZEIT silicate paint. Also diluted as a primer for KREIDEZEIT wall paints.

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Can also be used for plaster fixing before overpainting with other KREIDEZEIT wall paints and plasters, usually additionally primed with Casein Primer or Vega Primer.

Silicate Paints (waterglass paints) are one of the most resilient exterior coatings in the painting trade. It is not uncommon for exterior walls painted with Silicate Paints to still look good 20 years later. Waterglass is essentially glass dissolved in water. Only Potassium Waterglass is suitable for the production of paint. This is made out of quartz sand and potash. Silicate Paint is cured by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. In this process, the waterglass is “silicified” and binds pigments to the substrate.

For exterior and interior walls.
Suitable exclusively for use on untreated and non-water repellent lime and lime cement plasters that do not contain any synthetic resin, as well as for renovating old silicate coats free of synthetic resin.
Transparent fixing of clay plaster: Contrary to widespread recommendations, we expressly advise against transparent fixing of clay plasters with Potassium Waterglass. Such a treatment often goes hand in hand with a crystalline whitish-cloudy appearance and ruins the optical impression. Lithium Waterglass is better suited for the transparent fixing of clay plasters.



  • good penetration properties
  • diffusible
  • non-yellowing
  • alkaline (pH 12)
  • water and acid resistant
  • non-combustible
  • easy to process
  • can be diluted with water in any ratio
  • biocide-free
  • vegan


Full Declaration

Water, potassium silicate

When using the product, the complete Product information must be observed.

Before processing, lithium water glass must be diluted with water in a ratio of at least 1:1. Stronger dilutions may be necessary. Do not use undiluted !

Application and drying Conditions
Avoid direct sunlight, draughts, dirt and surface temperatures below 5°C and over 25°C. Do not apply to heated facade surfaces. Avoid allowing the substrate to dry too quickly.
Processing and drying temperatures:
At least 5°C for at least 48 hours.
Silicate Paints may not be applied below 5°C (take into account the risk of overnight frost). Protect coats applied outdoors from sun and rain in the first few days.

Hardening of Plasters: Dilute 1 part potassium water glass with at least 2 parts water. Application by painting. Do not roll! It is essential to apply from bottom to top to avoid runners. Make sure that the water glass solution penetrates completely, otherwise shiny areas may remain. As a rule, a whitish-cloudy coating result occurs after drying. Brush the surface with a soft broom before painting over.

Drying Times at Normal Climate
The paint becomes dust-dry after 2-3 hours. Additional coats can be applied after at least 24 hours

Suitable Tools
Quality paint brushes and airless spray guns.
Recommended from the KREIDEZEIT range: Facade brush, Lime brush

Cleaning the Tools
Immediately after use with water. Store tools in water during work breaks.

Product information Potassium Waterglass

Material Safety Data Sheet Potassium Waterglass

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