Barley Straw Chaff


Fine straw chaff for mixing with KREIDEZEIT plasters and renders. Gives a natural texture and subtle shine reflections on the surface.

As an additive to KREIDEZEIT Lime Wall Finish smooth, Lime Wall Finish fine and Lime Wall Finish medium.

Recommended Quantity to be added
0.5 % (25 kg plaster + 125 g Barley Straw Chaff)

Maximun Quantity to be added
1 % (25 kg plaster + 250 g Barley Straw Chaff)

When using the product, the complete Product information must be observed.

Stir the Straw Chaff into the mixing water of the plaster. Then mix the plaster according to specification. Straw Chaff absorbs a lot of water. Add 1 L of water for every 125 g of Straw Chaff to your mixture.
Apply the plaster and work out slight textures if desired. Let set a while. Then wipe the surface with a humid viscose sponge or a soft sponge board, until the Straw Chaff is exposed.
Avoid water running over the surface !
Let set again, then wipe off lime residues from the Chaff, by using a clean and very slightly humid sponge.

If there are still some lime residues on the Chaff after drying, wipe them off with a clean and dry viscose sponge.
When using the Straw Chaff with Lime Wall Finish
-smooth-, it is recommended to apply the mixture in 2 thin layers.

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