Soft Fibre Render

Packing size 20 kg
Range 20 m²
Consumption per m² 1 kg bei 2,5 mm Auftragsstärke
Exact application rate values must be determined on site.

Versatile and extraordinarily easy to work with plaster for interior use. Creates a “warm” velvety surface. Easily removable if necessary.

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Its waterreversibility and the resulting ease of removal as well as its reliable adhesion to almost all substrates make it an ideal decorative plaster for tenants. For application thicknesses of 1 – 5 mm.

Interiors aon nearly all solid and overcoatable substrates. For humid rooms we recommend Lime Wall Finish -medium- or Lime Wall Finish -fine-.



  • Powder for mixing with water
  • easy to repair when damaged
  • long “open” processing time
  • has a slightly acoustic damping effect
  • surface with “warm” touch
  • odourless, free of emissions
  • diffusible
  • can be structured in many ways
  • natural white due to fine white marble powder
  • without titanium white
  • pH 8
  • vegan


Full Dekclaration

Marble sand, marble powder, cellulose, kaoline, methyl cellulose

When using the product, the complete Product information
must be observed.

Apply a base coat to all renders, fillers, levelled drywall and concrete with Vega Primer or Casein Primer and leave to dry completely.

Mixing the Plaster
Stir the powder without clots into the required amount of clean, cold water using a powerful electric drill with a paint stirrer. After an expanding time of approx. 10 minutes, stir again thoroughly. Ready for application.

Water required
1.1 litres of water per 1 kg of powder. Can be diluted with 100 ml water if required.

Application temperatures ideally between 5° and 20° C.
Apply 1 – 5 mm thick with a stainless trowel, structure as desired. After approx. 8 hours drying time the plaster can be washed with a facade brush, felted or rubbed with a sponge.
The edges of the trowel beats can be made softer by subsequently rolling over with a moistened paint roller without pressure.

Reparing Damages
Spray water on damaged areas until the plaster is soft again and restore the original shape with a clean stainless steel trowel. If necessary, after drying, wash smooth with a clean brush.

Removing the Plaster
To remove the plaster, soak it in water and then remove it with a spatula. Wash off fibre residues with a sponge.

Drying Times
Dry at the earliest after 24 hours per mm of layer thickness.

Suitable Tools
Recommended from the KREIDEZEIT range: Venetian Trowels, Spring Steel Trowel

Cleaning the Tools
Immediately after use with water.

Product information Soft Fibre Render

Material Safety Data Sheet Soft Fibre Render

Soft Fibre Render can be tinted with up to 10% KREIDEZEIT earth and mineral pigments (max. 100 g pigment per 1 kg plaster powder).

Colour Chart
Pigment guide Wall Paints and Renders

Either stir the pigment directly into the preparation water until smooth before mixing in the white plaster powder, or create a paste with a little water and then mix in with the already mixed plaster. Instruction

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