Muscovite Mica

Packing size 125 g
Range je nach Bedarf
Consumption per m² Putz: 0,5 % , Wandlasurbindemittel: 0,5-1 %
Exact application rate values must be determined on site.

Natural light mica for gloss effects on paints or in plaster. Muscovite is a flaky mineral with a glass- or pearlescent surface and silvery light reflections.

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As an additive to KREIDEZEIT Lime Wall Finish smooth, Lime Wall Finish fine, Lime Wall Finish medium and Marble Fibre Render.
Or mix with transparent KREIDEZEIT Wall Glaze Binder and paint onto KREIDEZEIT wallpaints and plasters (except distemper).

Recommended quantity to be added
for plasters: 0.5 % (25 kg plaster + 125 g Muscovite Mica).
for Wall Glaze: 0.5 – 1 % ( 100 g Wall Glaze Binder mixed with 4 L water + 20 to 40 g Muscovite Mica)

Maximum quantity to be added
for plasters: 1 % (25 kg plaster + 250 g Muscovite Mica)
for Wall Glaze: 5% ( 100 g Wall Glaze Binder mixed with 4 L water + 200 g Muscovite Mica)

When using the product, the complete Product information must be observed.

Stir the mica into the mixing water of the plaster. Then mix the plaster according to specification. Apply the plaster and work out slight textures if desired. Let set a while. Then densify the surface with a trowel in a steep angle.
This exposes the mica on the surface. If not enough mica is visible after drying, rubbing with a clean dry viscose sponge can reveal the mica even more strongly.
For application as wall glaze, please refer to the product information of Wall Glaze Binder.

Product information Decorative Aggregates

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